Expert Editions series


In this day and age, we have so many questions about the issues connected to maternity and parenting, but very rarely do we have a chance to speak to a knowledgeable expert to obtain expert advice first hand in the field about our questions and concerns.

After having spent so many hours fumbling around on the internet trying to do just this, I decided to start this series – “Expert editions” – where you will hear straight from the mouth of those in the know the answers to the questions so many of us do not seem to have the answer for. From relationships to intimacy problems, the challenges of childbirth and maternity, child behaviour and education worries, this series will cover it all. 

Expert editions vol. 1: Keeping your relationship together post baby ft. therapist Michael Kallenbach 

Expert editions vol. 2: How to get your child school ready ft. Dr Kathryn Weston  of Keystone Aspire 

Expert editions vol. 3: Sleep problems in babies and toddlers ft. Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site  

Expert editions vol.4: How to unleash our children’s potential ft. Dr Wanda Draper 

Expert editions vol. 5: How to keep your child safe online ft. Dr Julia Fossi, NSPCC Senior Analyst

Expert editions vol. 6: How to raise girls ft. the best selling author and parent educator Steve Bidduph

Expert editions vol. 7: How to build a closer relationship with your child ft. author and parenting coach Maggie Stevens

Expert editions vol. 8: How to reduce stress in pregnancy ft. author and wellness expert Angela Spencer 

Expert editions vol. 9: How to deal with an annoying mother-in-law ft. clinical psychotherapist and author Dr Deanna Brann

Expert editions vol. 10: How to be a more confident parent ft.  child behaviour expert and author Richard Daniel Curtis

Expert editions vol. 11: What foods to avoid when weaning your baby ft. the Editor of health and wellness site Effective Remedies and All Remedies Hang Pham.

Expert editions vol 12: Mum guilt and how to stop feeling guilty as a mum ft. Women’s Empowerment Coach Giselle Monbiot

Expert editions vol. 13: How to cope with twins ft. the Editor in Chief of Emma’s Diary 

Expert editions vol. 14: What to do if your child has a food allergy ft. author Priyanka Talwar 

Expert editions vol. 15 ft.: How to bond with your baby ft. author and wellness expert Angela Spencer 

Expert editions vol. 16: How to spot the signs of child abuse and act on them ft. Rebecca Harvey, Principal Social Worker at Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Expert editions vol. 17: How to return to work after baby ft. career coach Felicity Dwyer 

Expert editions vol. 18: How to prepare for natural birth ft. birth and post partum doula and Crystal Melville of the Luxury Doula 

Expert editions vol.19: How to teach your children about the value of money ft. Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Elizabeth Kilbey 

Expert editions vol. 20: Why dirt is good for children ft. Dr B Brett Finlay and Dr Marie-Claire Arrieta

Expert editions vol. 21: How to create a healthy learning environment for your children ft. professional organizer and child development specialist Stacy Erickson

Expert editions vol. 22: A midwife’s advice on what to expect as a new mum and during pregnancy ft. community midwife Emma Cook 

Expert editions vol. 23: How and why parents need to keep up with technology ft. The Makers Academy

With much more to come….