Help for mums

Parenthood is an amazing yet sometimes totally overwhelming journey, full of complex emotions and expectations.

And sometimes you just need to talk.

Whether you are a mum who is…

  • feeling guilty about returning to work
  • grappling with trying to rediscover her identity
  • feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed
  • feeling like you’re not mum enough
  • questioning her parenting choices

I’ve been through it all before, and I’m here to listen, so let’s talk.

If you need to:

  • have an ear to listen
  • feel more confident in yourself
  • stop worrying about all the things that don’t matter
  • get your priorities straight
  • evaluate your options
  • beat the mum guilt
  • evaluate your next steps
  • carve out time to look after yourself

Then why not book a one-to-one session with me? Get in touch with me at and let’s talk more.

I have also co-created a series of videos on topics which I know mums really struggle with including how to overcome mum guilt, limiting self beliefs,  how to make time for self love and nailing back to work confidence which you can watch below.

How to overcome mum guilt

Making time for self love

Overcoming limiting self beliefs

Nailing back to work confidence

I really hope you find these videos useful. Remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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