Help for mums

Parenthood is an amazing yet sometimes totally overwhelming journey, full of complex emotions and expectations.

And sometimes you just need to talk.

Whether you are a mum who is…

  • feeling guilty about returning to work
  • grappling with trying to rediscover her identity
  • feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed
  • feeling like you’re not mum enough
  • questioning her parenting choices

I’ve been through it all before, and I’m here to listen, so let’s talk.

If you need to:

  • have an ear to listen
  • feel more confident in yourself
  • stop worrying about all the things that don’t matter
  • get your priorities straight
  • evaluate your options
  • beat the mum guilt
  • evaluate your next steps
  • carve out time to look after yourself

Then why not book a one-to-one session with me? Get in touch with me at and let’s talk more.

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