10 reasons why Donald Trump cannot become president

why donald trump cannot become president

Let’s face it, at the beginning, when Donald Trump put his big puffy face up for US Presidency, it was all a bit of a joke – a bit like watching some kind of Big Brother – The Presidential Election edition.

However, now that E-day looms every closer, what looked like a “no way will this ever happen” situation, is looking like a “my god, PLEASE! don’t let this happen!!” potential disaster (remember Brexit?) as perfectly summed up by the latest odds:

  • Hillary Clinton: 4/11
  • Donald Trump: 2/1

But apart from the fact that Donald Trump is an utter MAD MAN, there are 10 other very significant reasons why he can’t be president of one of the greatest world powers in my book:

1. He has the most ridiculous hair

Come on, you can’t possibly be representing one of the world’s superpowers with hair like that, surely? Who do you think you are? Boris Johnson? No, so get a hair cut please.

2. He is a “baby hater”

Seriously, kicking a crying baby out of your own rally after saying you “love babies” – wow, that’s really special

3. He sounds like Donald Duck

OK maybe not literally –  but he talks so much rubbish that he might as well do. And even without the Donald Duck voice-over here, he still sounds like a totally buffoon!

4. He thinks it’s ok to grab a woman by her lady bits

No sorry, not ever, not even if hell freezes over. Especially not when “furniture shopping”.

5. Who names a ridiculous golden tower after himself? #JustSaying

Truly, what a horror show!


6. He knows nothing about the real world

Come on guys! He lives in a $100 million dollar penthouse with gold rimmed cups and his son has a a toy personalised Mercedes for his son. What can this guy know about every day people?


7. He has the memory of a goldfish

Can this guy actually articulate himself without saying the same thing three times in a sentence? Even my three year old can argue more eloquently than he can.

8. You’d wind up with an ex-stripper in the White House

Oh yes! An ex-stripper as First Lady representing America. That just sounds like an amazing peace-keeping type of an idea, doesn’t it? #goals


9. If he gets in ..anyone can!

Let’s face it, if Trump gets in well then, you may as well let any ridiculous idiot run for US presidency.  They will, after all, probably look like a saint next to him! How about…say….Beavis and Butthead for instance?


10. Hilary Clinton can’t be that bad!

Look at the end of the day, I have my reservations about Clinton too but at least she is intelligible and has more of an idea about how politics works and less likely to make the world implode in a four year term. Well, at least we hope anyway.

 Are you totally gob smacked that Trump has got this far? Do leave a little comment and let’s all cry over the absurdity of it all below!

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  1. He is an awful man. i keep saying “it’s alright, it won’t actually happen” but the close it gets the more i doubt myself.

    Hillary can’t be as bad. But how in a country that size has it come down to this?!


  2. I don’t often follow politics but this has been hard to avoid. It really feels like we’re all caught up in some reality show – I’m just waiting for someone to jump up and say it’s all a big joke! #coolmumclub

  3. hahaha lucky I’m not an american and I don’t have to vote. I pray that this man doesn’t become the president who hates babies honestly!!! #coolmumclub

  4. It seems like he has 0 idea of policy or what being president actually entails. Plus, it doesn’t seem like he gets the idea he would be a public servant. Other than a fancy office, perceived power (let the senate see to that…) and swishy title I don’t really see what’s in it for him? He should f*ck off back to his weird gold tower and let the people who want to carry out the wishes of the US people get on with it. I could rant on… #coolmumclub

  5. He’s just one huge embarrassment isn’t he? How, HOW does he have so much support? It’s frightening to think it could ACTUALLY happen 🙁 #coolmumclub

  6. Allowing Trump to get this far really makes me wonder about the priorities of many Americans. It’s both funny and scary at the same time. Also, I’m convinced that the hair is covering a rapidly receding hairline. That’s the only reason a man would allow his hair to look ridiculous. But then again, it’s Trump so who knows?#coolmumclub

  7. This whole US election rings bells of Brexit for sure…it’ll never happen, right? kind of feel like I’m watching a movie about a comedy election, as opposed to one of the biggest political moments in history!
    Can’t they just keep Obama a bit longer?…what about Michelle, she’d fit in at #coolmumclub 😉

  8. Nigel Farage started out as a joke and suddenly Brexit! I am hoping and crossing everything that this does not happen.

    I have a few American friends here in France who know people who are die hard Republicans and will vote Trump whatever ‘cos he speaks for them.

    Let’s pray Hilary wins in the swing states or we are done for, done for! #coolmumclub

  9. I honestly cannot get my head around it. It’s utter madness. Have you heard about how many companies have gone bankrupt with him at the helm? The man is a complete fool. #coolmumclub

  10. I cant take him seriously at all, he has the strangest facial expressions. His only comeback in the debates, as far as i can tell, is shouting ‘wrong’ like a petulant child! Horrible excuse for a human being #coolmumclub

  11. Some ‘would be funny if I didn’t want to cry’ points and clips here. I rarely make comments about other country’s politics but the thought of Trump being in power genuinely scares me! After everything else this year, who knows what will happen! #CoolMumClub

  12. AAAARRRGH this man. It’s really unbelievable that one of the biggest and wealthiest countries in the world has these two as candidates for presidency! I mean is there really no one else? To be fair I am not going to Hilary bash because I have great respect for her as a woman and what she is and has achieved – like you its probably more reservations than anything. Trump however OMG how can this even be possible? How can anyone vote in a man to lead, set examples and for children to look up to who thinks its appropriate to talk about and treat woman the way he does, it is beyond belief. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen eh xx #ablogginggoodtime

  13. Love this – and yes, completely gobsmacked! I can’t believe some of the crap they discuss in these televised debates either – how is this actually happening?! Love the Gifs 🙂 xx #coolmumclub

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