10 signs you are turning into your own parents

turning into your parents

You didn’t think you could really escape did you? We spend all our lives sweating bullets not to end up turning into your own parents, but shock horror! looks like it’s just one eventuality too difficult to avoid. Despite all the times times we promised ourselves we never would, it’s time to accept the inevitable. Got a sneaking suspicion you’re there already? Your numbers up if you do any of the below…

1. You’re bizarrely captivated by storage solutions

You ogle cube storage and mesh baskets on the internet like some kind of strange domestic porn. You lie in bed and fantasize about making things more organised, accessible and space efficient. You have to be dragged away practically salivating from the storage solutions area every time you go to Homebase. You need help.

2. You’re annoyingly obsessed about wrapping Up warm

You have to ask everyone three hundred times if they are going to be warm enough as a rule before leaving the house, and can be found trying to smother sproglets in a jumble of knitwear before facing the imaginary blizzard in your mind; and even then – you’re still not convinced they’re wearing enough. You want to run over and cover up random teens in the street who are giving you a heart attack by not wearing enough. We can practically hear you tutting from over here.

3. You menacingly echo their sayings

“Get back here right now”, “Because I said so”, “What on earth do you think you’re doing?”. You know the drill. Times passed you would have scoffed at the thought of those ridiculously cliched parental warnings falling from your mouth. Now you have become the queen of chastising, bringing home the tradition of uttering over-used parental banalities, in the EXACT same tone of voice, in a house near you. *Shudder*.

4. You lose everything – always

Do you remember the time you used to roll your eyes in contempt, huffing and puffing because your folks used to scramble around the house like idiotic pinheads looking for their phone, keys and wallet before stepping a foot out? Now guess who the fool is. Yes, that’s right, YOU! If you ever manage to leave the house before having to return at least once because your geriatric brain has fallen out of your ear and forgotten something, it’ll be a miracle.

5. You’re a celebrity ignoramus

You have no idea who any celebrities under 50 are, and are still living in the days of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Madonna, and Sharon Stone. If these are the names that first spring to the mind when someone utters the word “celebrity”, not only are you truly showing your age, but you are also destined for the swamp of no hope.

6. You get off on listening to “oldies”

Remember those days when you used to cringe at the music of the 60s and 70s blasting out from your olds’ car stereo, window wound down and yourself slumped down in the backseat trying to hide your sorry self from the world’s view? Come on, admit it – you’re just another saddo parent who pumps up the volume when your hear the music of your youth glory days on the radio. Extra lame-o parent points for if you try to convince yourself it still sounds “fresh”.

7. You live in your slippers

Face facts. Having a slipper collection and not being able to set one foot out of bed without your trusty house shoes on is no longer just a reality of old biddies. It’s YOUR reality. Hey, at least they will spare you the excruciating pain of treading on Lego barefoot. Plus they do come in rather handy swatting rogue flies around the house.

8. You dance like an old fogey

It’s true, you might not have the chance to polish your once rad dance floor moves these days, but when you do, wow, it’s literally like you’ve stepped into your parents’ bodies. Your moves are seriously lame and sappy. Dancing like nobody’s watching might have been cool back in the day, but not like you dance like your parents.

9. You bemoan “kids these days”

Do your eyes pop out at the gyrating hot mess youngsters watch on You Tube? Does your brain explode at the new fangled gadgets and gizmos youngster have in their armoury? Do you tsk tsk in disbelief at some of the lingo preteens wax lyrical with? Do you remember when your parents face convulsed with puzzlement when you said you wanted a Walkman? Not so ridiculous now huh.

10. You overshare your life story

Seriously come on now, that barista doesn’t need to know all the insanely tedious details of the day you’ve had so far – she was just being polite; the Tesco’s cashier really couldn’t give two hoots about what dullness you ate for breakfast and for the love of Pete, will you give that post man a break? His ear is about to fall off.

So how did you score? Have you already turned into your parents, or are you just creeping slowly towards conversion?

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  1. Oh dear, I am guilty of almost all these things. Except my parents never really worried about the cold so we were usually shivering somewhere and I am now inflicting that on my children (NC has been sock-less all week and it’s only a little bit because he pulls them off himself ‘adorably’). Love the line about the Walkman. I wanted a Discman (remember them?) and my mum thought you put 7-inch vinyls in them. Sigh. I will try and channel my mum’s penchant for Clarins skincare when I go back to work and have a tiny bit of money though. Maybe that will help me not to feel so bad about turning into them ..? #coolmumclub
    A Right Royal Mother recently posted…Right Royal Mother and the Secret of the AgentMy Profile

  2. This is brilliant – I am definitely guilty of a few of these, especially repeating all the things that my mum used to say to me as a child. The music one made me chuckle – we once had a youth event at church and someone had forgotten to bring CDs. I offered to lend some from my car, thinking they were all quite recent and then realised that most of it was from my uni days (1997-2001). Needless to say all of the teenagers looked at me like I was the most uncool person in the world ever! #coolmumclub
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Parenting Pep Talk #15 – Plutonium SoxMy Profile

  3. I am guilty of all of these things!! I find myself constantly saying things that my own parents say and I am very aware that I am morphing into them!! Of course, I tell myself that I will never be as annoying as they are and yet my twelve year old begs to differ!! #coolmumclub
    ljdove23 recently posted…For Meggy, on your third birthdayMy Profile

  4. oh dear! so many truths here! I was in denial lol – I always ask if everyone has a coat even in the middle of August, and then spend the day sweating as I carry the coats I made everyone bring! And the music thing?! omg, when did I get old and turn into my mother! haha! #stayclassy
    laughing mum recently posted…I’m a shit friend!My Profile

  5. YES to all of these things. I especially find myself echoing things that they used to say that used to drive me insane, things like “were you born in a barn?” and “when you own a house I am going to go round and jump all over your settee and see how you like it” I think it is too late for me, please tell me that there is a cure? #coolmumclub
    Emma recently posted…Can a feminist get married?My Profile

  6. ha ha number 5- celebrity ignoramus – I literally have no idea who my kids are talking about most of the time – (apart from Chuck Bass but that’s a whole different subject!) – even when I flick through the trashy mags at the hairdressers I have no idea who anyone is. Its a bit like not knowing what number 1 in the charts is anymore – never ever thought that would happen. Oh and slippers – I LIVE in my slipper uggs! But hey, we’re still cool so how cool are our kids going to be when they are parents and turn into us?! #coolmumclub
    justsayingmum recently posted…The Teenage Chronologues: Part Two ‘Addicted’My Profile

  7. Uh oh – you got me! Guilty as charged!

    Numbers 2 and 3 made me squirm…but number 7 – that’s me to a tee! I even take a trusty pair of slippers that I take with me to other people’s houses (hey – laminate flooring can be pretty cold on bare feet!).


  8. Oh dear God – ALL OF THE ABOVE!! There is no hope for me. I also recently found myself… (I’m not sure if I can bring myself to admit it)… Trying to call out and reciting the name of every person in the family including the cat before settling on the correct name. Of one of my children. Seriously?? Gah!!
    Very funny and painfully true!
    #coolmumclub x
    Rhyming with Wine recently posted…Blogging from my cave – and I like it!My Profile

  9. Oh good God how did this happen? Well my husband thinks baby K’s going to want to go clubbing with him when he’s 18 …. the man can’t even be bothered to go clubbing now let alone when he’s 46 years old! I don’t think he considered how old he would be and it so would not be cool! :o) x #coolmumclub
    Jaylan – Diapers at Dawn recently posted…No means No!My Profile

  10. Oh dear, I’ve always said that there are certain things I would never do that my parents, especially my mum did, and now I see I do do them (though not all of your list fits me luckily). She did do a lot of nice things too, but I suppose it’s hard not to copy! #coolmumclub

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x
    Nadia – ScandiMummy recently posted…WIN A CAKE FROM BAKERDAYS.COMMy Profile

  11. Yep, I realised I’m turning into my mum a long time ago. I open my mouth and my mother comes out definitely rings true here! #coolmumclub

  12. Another awesome, hilarious post. I actually watch You Tube vids about organising, I’m that obsessed, and barely know any celebs made famous in the last 10 years and every time I tell my son off I hear my mum’s voice! Guess it was inevitable lol X #coolmumclub

  13. Yes, yes and yes!! (Scarily). I am frequently catching myself using phrases that my parents used: the floor IS NOT a shelf!!! Thank you for hosting and it’s good to be a part of #coolmumclub

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