10 summer adventures every child should have

summer adventures

*This is a guest post

Sometimes, as parents, we get so stuck in the everyday routine that we accidentally find ourselves sleep walking through life. Sorting food, school runs, playdates, activities, nappies, etc take up a lot of our time and brain power. Thinking about summer adventures and trying something new seems harder than just continuing on but for the sake of our mental health, it’s so important.

Life is meant to be lived and when we are happy, so are our kids. So why not find a little time for summer adventures to spice up your family’s life? When we stretch our comfort zones, just a little bit, we feel more alive. Adventure doesn’t have to be big – it’s a mindset. It doesn’t have to be planned – it can be spontaneous. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time – it can be micro. Adventure doesn’t have to require a lot of skill or kit – it’s about just saying yes and trying something. 

Now, because I know that your brains are so full of the everyday stuff that thinking up what to do is almost impossible, here’s a list of summer adventures that you and your kids can go out and do today. Each of them can be altered to be made appropriate for most ages. So, just pick one, make it your own, and off you go! 

10 summer adventures you and your kids can have together today 

  • Go for a walk/scoot/cycle ride after dark. Even your own street looks different in the dark!
  • Go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before
  • Hang a hammock in your local woods
  • Download a geocaching app and start finding those treasures near you
  • Build a den with any sticks you can find. Only small ones? Build an elf den!
  • Lay on your back looking for cloud shapes
  • Find a tree. Climb it. Yep you too adults! 
  • Cook and eat outside (in your garden, at your local park, at the beach..anywhere!) You can get small camping stoves fairly inexpensively
  • Start an adventure sketch book, drawing what you see/remember
  • Camp in your garden. Convince some friends to do it too. 

Adventures don’t have to take place outside, but it sure does help us get into the right mindset. When we get outside we slow down and it’s like we can breathe again. So, what are you waiting for? Not sure where to start or want others to do it with?

Join in the #wakeupwildinyourgarden event where We Are Happy Parents and Say Yes More are trying to get 100 families to camp in their garden on Saturday 24th August, and 2019 people sleeping under the stars before the end of October.

Join the Facebook event and join in with others as they grab their sleeping bags or duvets, tents (or not for some!) and their kids and head out into their garden (or their neighbour’s or friend’s garden) for the night.

Let’s get out there, break up the everyday, and remember what it feels like to be alive!

What summer adventures do you have planned? Do share in a comment below – we’d love to hear them.

Author bio:

Mel Findlater is the Founder of We Are Happy Parents and is building a community of Ordinary Superparents – just ordinary parents, choosing to live with an adventurous mindset, together! 

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