10 things I want my three year old daughter to know

three year old in party dress holding balloons

Just as soon as she popped out, turned one, then two, in what seems to be a blink of an eye my little girl has turned three. If I could freeze this moment right now, I would, a thousand times over. But because I can’t, here are 10 things I want my three year old daughter to know now she is, well, three.

To E….

  1. I still remember that moment you came out of me like it was yesterday, that incredible moment of clarity of looking down and seeing this tiny blood-stained entity on my chest, crying the gentlest cry on the earth.
  2. Our connection is now stronger than it has ever been. When I look into your eyes it is like our souls are entwined and my heart wants to explode.
  3. The terrible twos were indeed terrible at times, but I understand now why they were  – your frustrations, a mismatch of expectations…but however testing they were – and I am sorry for my misdemeanours in this time – I know now that they really were all worth it because out of it, you have emerged the most wonderful girl.
  4. You are the most incredible mix of everything – although quite clearly a girl, I am proud of your rough and tumble tendencies – I love how you are so gung-ho and out there now that you have grown into your own.
  5. Now is the time to start being strong – as you begin to interact more with the wider world, I will try in every way possible to build you up to be the strong little girl you need to be in this day and age, and to give you the tools to deal with the unkindnesses and injustices of this world.
  6. I will always make time for you – I realise now how fast you are growing, and within a blink of an eye you will be a teenage girl pushing away from me. I realise now is the time to play, now is the time to cuddle, and I will always try to fill your emotional cup up as best I can now – not later.
  7. I love that we can talk – your conversation delights me, your curious mind continues to spiral and flourish as you seek out the discovery in this world. I love that we can talk about our feelings, thoughts and emotions. I love that you can show empathy – it melts my heart every time.
  8. I have never loved you more than in this moment – we have been through so much together, we have shared so much together, and I finally feel that I am beginning to get to know you – really know you – and it blows me away every single day. I love the person that you are.
  9. I continue to marvel at all your firsts and there have been so many of late, and I know there will be so many more. From your first bicycle ride, to spelling your name out loud, to jumping into the swimming pool all by yourself, and counting on your fingers, I have the best front row seats to the more magical show in the world.
  10. Being a parent is not easy but it is all of these priceless moments, these connections, these realisations that always make me want to do the best I can for you. All I can do is give this my best shot, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

My love always, Mama xxx

Do you have a three year old in the family? What would you like to tell them?

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  1. Ahh this is beautiful, just lovely! Our girls are 3! I do love the conversations though, they have such active imaginations too x x

  2. I have a nearly 3 yo daughter and I loved this. I look at my wild child in awe of her vibrant spirit and wacky sense of humour. She exasperates me daily, yet she never ceases to amaze me. #coolmumclub

  3. “Front row seats to the most magical show in the world” you’ve summed it up right there! They are something else. I’m forever telling Flump to stop getting bigger but she tells me she’ll always be my little girl #coolmumclub

  4. This is so lovely! And funnily enough, I always said that it was when mine hit three that I really felt that their personalities started to shine through – really got a glimpse of who they were going to be – I was right and they haven’t surprised me – three is a wonderful age – enjoy it together! #coolmumclub

  5. This is beautiful and I can absolutely relate as it’s just what I feel about my little threenager. Seeing her emerge through the terrible twos has made me so proud and she’s now my loving and kind little girl which just blows my mind. Such a lovely post for you to look back on together one day. Xx

  6. Such a lovely post. I love your tone, as it feels so open and honest and as if you are almost having a conversation with your daughter. She will love reading this when she is a teenager. You must write a post to her as a tween and a teen too. Beautiful. Alison x #coolmumclub

  7. This is so lovely! We are still careering through the terrible twos but loving it! I think three is a really special age – it really feels like they’ve emerged as their own little person. #coolmumclub

  8. It’s the most gorgeous thing when that toddler turns into a little person you can converse with. That step from two to three was definitely a turning point from care-giver to companion…and the best bit? This is only the beginning…
    Beautiful read Talya – my #coolmumclub companion!

  9. Ah welcome to the threenager years beautiful girl E (and mummy) isn’t it wonderful when you can start having real conversations? Get ready for the whys! I have a 3 year old, the twos were a dream!
    What do I want to say to him? ‘I will answer every why with patience and kindness,,,,, unless it’s the twelfth time, then my mind will drift to when I can start drinking wine…’ But I love watching you find your way in the world, that independence of forming first friendships and….. Star Wars!

  10. I sometimes wish I could just stick them in a glass box and keep them little forever! My absolute favorite is watching the conversation develop! Lovely post Tayla! #coolmumclub

  11. Awwhh Lovely Talya! My youngest daughter (Also and E!) turns 3 on Saturday, so very similar! Such an interesting age as the move into being real little girls. We’ve had some terrible 2 moments, although the fesity moods have increased recently so I think moving into being 3 may mean we haven’t outgrown this phase yet! So many of your points resonate with me. I definitely need to make more time NOW as they grow up so quickly. Thanks for hosting #CoolMumClub xx

  12. What a beautiful post and I especially loved points 6 and 8. I swear we just blink and our babies become toddlers and preschoolers – point 6 is such a good reminder of the importance of making that time for our children now rather than later as they grow up so quickly. Enjoy those little moments of your daughter being 3 – I can’t believe my eldest will be turning 5 and starting school in September (sob!) #coolmumclub

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