10 ways being a mum is like being in a reality TV show

young mother with her daughter in the form of cheerful housewive

As if reality TV show couldn’t go any lower, apparently one of the hottest reality TV trends of late is…parenthood. Yes, as if being in our own mum meltdowns are not enough, apparently the good people of TV watching land are now happily watching other parenthood meltdowns over the challenges of motherhood, presumably in a bid to make themselves feel better.

On a lighter note, it did get me thinking about overall, how much being a parent – or at least – a mum, really is like being in a reality TV show sometimes (see the synergy here?) – namely, desperate, farcical but with some winning bones thrown to you along the way. In case you can’t see the similarities, let me count for you the 10 ways parenthood is like being in a reality TV show:

  1. Quite often, you will come across as rather deluded – who is that crazy lady doing all sorts of crazy things in a frenzy? Oh…it’s YOU!
  2. Feeling exposed just comes with the territory – there is nowhere to hide in reality TV land, and there is nowhere to hide when you need to go to the toilet.
  3. You have the feeling this could be a set up – do you ever get the feeling that someone must be having the biggest bad joke on you? Yes, I thought so.
  4. You get set the most ridiculous challenges on a daily basis – extreme challenges that aren’t worth the pay off? Might as well call it the “Amazing Motherhood Race”.
  5. One minute they all love you, the next they all hate you – yes, the highs are highs but wow, the lows are lows. It’s a fickle old world being a mother.
  6. You often wonder if there’s a camera hidden somewhere – let’s hope this is amusing somebody out there somewhere, because it sure as hell is not amusing you when the shit hits the fan.
  7. You’re constantly being manipulated – there is a very savvy motherhood editor out there responsible for getting us very confused between the “real” and “reality” of motherhood.
  8. You wish they would just bloody vote you off – just for a bit of peace and quiet once in a while…wouldn’t that be nice?
  9. It’s the survival of the fittest – will you make it out of the motherhood jungle in one piece? Only time will tell…
  10. Sometimes you will be made to feel like the biggest loser  – your challenge now is to locate the loser mum cure..

Ever feel like you, in fact, could be trapped in a TV reality show? It’s time to get you out of there…

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  1. Ha ha this made me chuckle! Never thought about it before, but motherhood is indeed like being on a reality show. ‘I wish they’d just vote me off’ is now one of my fave motherhood quotes 😉 x

  2. I think being on a reality show would be a bit less exhausting. At least we’ll get to dress all glamorous and run around in 5 inch heels 😛

  3. Oh definitely. Sometimes I wonder if this is the Truman show and I’m the star. ‘Please don’t grab your penis when it’s poopy’ is not something I pictured myself saying….


  4. ‘I’M A MOTHER GET ME OUT OF HERE’…yeah… pretty much!! I often wonder how big secret cameras are nowadays…. could they be in my curtain tracks?? Am I in the Truman Show??

  5. I am so sure there is a camera somewhere in this house. There MUST be! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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