10 different ways to say I’m sorry

ways to say I'm sorry

Is a peace offering on the horizon? In the good old words of Elton John, sorry really can be the hardest word. Whether it’s your better half, a family member or friend that you’ve recently upset and owe an apology to, but you’re cringing at the thought of coming right out and saying it, here’s a list of 10 different ways to say I’m sorry so that sorry doesn’t have to be the hardest word any more….

Say it with a scavenger hunt

Yes strange I know…but if you’re really looking for a creative way of saying sorry and want to diffuse the sitatuation a bit then why not hide a secret sorry message around the house to be found by some witty scanvenger hunt clues. If you really want to go pro on this, you can use something like the Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Creator to make it an apology they will remember forever.

Gratitude them

If you’re looking for a more indirect way of saying sorry, and why the person you want to apologize to means a lot to you, try creating a Gratitude Board and fill it up with notes about the things you appreciate about the person you’re apologizing to. Here’s how to make a gratitude board.

Sing it with a song

OK I’m not talking about standing outside their window and crooning at them in the middle of the night only to have a shoe thrown at your head. I’m talking about getting a songwriter to do the hard work for you. Check out Songfinch which is a fantastic platform for having a personalised song written by actual song writers and musicians…the perfect way to create an apology earworm!

Cop out with a cake

Most people worth apologizing to are partial to a bit of cake. If you’ve got any baking skills then the effort of a homemade cake is always a way to swing things back in your favour but if you’re no Mary Berry then head on over to Send Them Cupcakes and let someone else whip up some personalised pity cupcakes instead. Alternatively check out my easy baking ideas here.

Pen a poem

If you’re a bit of a wordsmith, how about begging your pardon with a poem? Poems can be a really lovely way of expressing what might otherwise be hard to say. Otherwise if you’re stuck for words, you can call on the likes of I Want A Poem to find the rhymes to say sorry for you.

Stick this!

Sticky notes can be a fun and easy way to say the words you need to say to right the wrong. But it’s all in the positioning – try leaving your sweet words of apology on their pillow at night or on the kettle for when they make their first cuppa in the morning.

Send them a sorry in a bottle

Add some mystery to your making up by creating a sorry (i.e. message) in a bottle. You can either make one of these yourself which requires no money what so ever – and here’s a handy tutorial for doing creating a message in a bottle here or for something more slick head you can order a personalised one here.

Make it official with an apology certificate

For a little bit of a tongue in cheek apology which is bound to bring a little smile to the recipient’s face, try creating an apology certificate. Canva has a great a free online certificate maker. But the question is…would you go so far as to stage an offfical apology certifcate presentation ceremony? I guess it depends how much you need to apologize!

Say it with roses

And for those traditionalists among us, sometimes there’s nothing better than turning up on someone’s doorstep with a huge bunch of roses (or having them delivered!). Yellow roses stand for friendship and innocence, making the perfect floral way to make it up to friend, while a  bouquet of red roses makes the perfect way to say sorry to a loved one. I remember many years ago receiving a roses delivery in Singapore when I lived there and let’s just say – peace was restored instantly!

So there you have it, 10 different ways to say I’m sorry….and lots of unique ideas to help you apologize when the time comes. Which of the above do you think you might be likely to try? Or perhaps you have some ideas to add to this list – do share in a comment below.


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