15 + awesome packing tips for family travel

packing tips

I love holidays, but I HATE packing! All the lists, all the decisions, all the what ifs, and especially all the OMG what have I forgottens!

So here’s the problem….things have changed since you only had to pack for you and possibly your significant other….travelling as a family and having to pack for a small army is a whole other ball game and seriously stressful (let’s not even talk about the unpacking which I loathe even more) and then when you have to add mobility issues in the mix as we have in our family with my mum well then…things can really start to get complicated!

So here’s what I’m wondering….is there a way to make packing less stressful? I’m definitely hoping so! That’s why I reached out to the blogging community to find out what everyone’s top packing tips as part of Fenetic Wellbeing’s #FoldAndGo campaign. I’m really hoping these are going to help ease my packing anxiety (and hopefully yours too!) this year:

Make use of click and collect

If you’re staying in the U.K. do a click and collect food order! Saves so much space in the car. – Dear Bear and Beany  

Teach the kids to pack their own

As soon as they are old enough get your kids to help. My boys now love packing their own suitcases – such a help. – My Boys Club 

Go capsule

Take a mini ‘capsule wardrobe’ for everyone! That way you can have multiple outfit changes with minimum items of clothing! – Refined Prose 

Get listy

A list is a must! Tick off as you go along. Also take plastic bags for your shower gel etc so if they leak it’s contained and take another plastic bag for your dirty washing etc. – Island Living 365  

Bag it up

Put outfits for each day in a sandwich bag . This means you won’t over back as you have exactly what you need – Beauties And The Bibs

Roll it

An old Girl Guide trick – roll your clothes instead of folding them. Everything seems more compact and there’s no crease marks when you unpack! – Five Little Doves  

Be smart with child seats

If you’re going abroad and taking child seats. Buy the isSafe car seat bags which are huge for the plane and stuff them with all sorts! I always put shoes, towels, wipes etc in them which frees up your luggage allowance! – Hello Baby Blog  

Stop the leakages

Put all of your sunscreen/ body wash / shampoo in sealable bags – saves leakages all over your nice clothes. And try to put them in yours shoes / trainers- helps to protect them. –

Your kingdom for a rucksack

Have a good and comfortable rucksack! It makes such a difference to shoulder bags and leaves both hands free. Make sure essentials such as water, snacks & sunscreen are at the top of a bag for easy access/instant distraction. – Our Seaside Baby  

Cube it

Use packing cubes in your suitcases to pack your clothes. I only discovered them recently and they save so much space and keep everything organised.-  Bump to Baby  

Be security savvy

In order to get through security quicker keep your electronics on the top so they’re easy to grab and pre-pack your toiletries into clear plastic bags. The same goes for any baby food/milk you might be carrying as they will want to check that, too. – Scandi Mummy 

Overestimate the underwear

Take more underwear than you think you’ll need. I have no idea why but we always seem to run out by the last day. – Me Him The Dog and Baby 

Scoop things up in a shopper

Take a foldable shopper bag. This is great for carrying snacks you buy in duty free or for helping you once you’ve got through security. If you have kids, getting through security can be so stressful. There is lots of things to pack away at the end. Using a shopper bag, you can quickly unfold it, grab all of your things and move to a quieter location to put it all away again. – Life Unexpected 

Mix it up

Mix your packing up. Make sure there are clothes and bits for everyone in each of your cases. That way if a bag gets lost you still have enough in one case to get by until your lost baggage turns up. – Mamas Travel Tribe  

It’s all in the template

Write a standard list for all the items that you always needs, and usually forget in m case (!) on your PC and keep it, so that every time you go away you don’t have to write a new damn list! We do the same for a standard first shop when we get to where we are going if we are self catering. So your standard list might include different things depending on your kids age but nappies, comfort toy, bottles, sterilizers, muslins, etc. – Kiddy Charts

And finally….go foldable!

If you’re travelling with someone with mobility issues then it’s well worth looking into getting an electric folding wheelchair for your travels. These are not only super portable and convenient (and space saving!) but also ensure ease and independence when travelling for any family member who have mobility issues.  – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Wow I don’t know about you but I’m ready to bop my packing anxiety on the head with tips – I’m really hoping they will contribute towards having a stress free holiday or two over the coming months.

15 + awesome packing tips for family travel

What do you think of the tips above? Or perhaps you have some of your own to share? Do leave a comment below and may the packing force be with you!

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  1. I like the idea of creating a mini capsule holiday for everyone that is going with you, as that a great way of making sure everyone gets some clothes in the suitcase. And click and collect is so handy as well isn’t it?

  2. Thank you so much for including my tip. I love all the rest as well. I have learnt so many new tips and tricks that I’m 100% going to be using when we next travel. I LOVE some of the things other people do! 😀

  3. They’re all great tips Talya and many I use myself. The packing cubes, lists, rolling of clothes, backpack (that was a revelation) and keeping security items like electronics and liquids handy for those pesky lines!

  4. I’m off on holiday next week and I am DREADING the packing. I end up doing everyone else’s even though they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves, they just can’t be bothered! I would love to be one of those people that could wing it with a rucksack and a spare pair of flip flops, but no doubt we’ll end up with 3 months worth of luggage squashed into a 20KG suitcase as usual 🙂

  5. Handy tips here Tayla, now we just need to save enough pennies to take the fam away this year! xx #coolmumclub

  6. Good tips. I never pack without a list (I am obsessed by lists) though half the time I don’t then actually refer to them when packing. Can I add one piece of advice (actually a mistake I made pre-kids but I think it stands regardless)? Don’t pack when drunk. I once went away for a long weekend and realised I had 14 pairs of knickers but no trousers other than those I was already wearing. I suspect that’s more over-estimating than you had in mind here!! #coolmumclub.

  7. I love a list. I make lists for everything. (Sometimes I forget them, but I do MAKE them). So I am all over the packing lists. I have one on the go now for our half term holiday. And I make everyone wear the same 4 outfits over and over (with washing in between). And I don’t let the kids choose anything, other than one small teddy for holiday bedtime. The rest is Mummy’s Surprises! #coolmumclub

  8. Some great tips. I’d add, if you have small children make sure they are no where near when you pack. I had the most stressful morning of my life last week packing to go away for the weekend. Every time I packed something I’d turn around to find them taking it out again or adding their own stuff! #coolmumclub

  9. My biggest tip (from horrific learned experience) is to minimise your number of bags….when we went to Disney we packed a rucksack and suitcase per family member and it was an absolute disaster because the girls bags were too heavy for them to carry….we’d have been far better amalgamating into one huge bag. Aaargh!
    I’m definitely referring back to this in August!
    Lovely roundup of tips #CoolMumClub x

  10. Ooh these are great and I’m totally looking into packing cubes!!! Just booked a holiday and only booked us 2 suitcases on the flight (to try and save cash) which now I’m thinking was a ridiculous idea for a family of 5!! #coolmumclub

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