15 reasons why drinking tea is mum’s saviour

Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffee

I have always loved tea, but since embarking on parenthood, my love for tea has somewhat sky rocketed. Yes, I have discovered new found pleasure in tea; appreciating the nation’s favourite more than I had ever thought possible before. Probably due to the new daily challenges parenthood brings with it, tea steps up to the plate with seemingly even more super hero powers to make you love it just that little bit more. And so, let me count the way I love thee, tea:

  1. We can cry into you
  2. You taste rather nice
  3. You warm the body, hands AND soul
  4. You make us feel better when we’re sick but unable to indulge our sickness
  5. You welcome people into our homes
  6. We don’t truly wake up until we our your first one
  7. You still taste good…even after you’ve gone cold (thank god!)
  8. You’re perfect to have a moan over
  9. You make waking up at an ungodly hour just that little bit less painful
  10. We are never really that far away from a cup of you
  11. You are the greatest leveler
  12. And you’re bloody good for us!
  13. We require no brain power to make you – just a tea bag.
  14. You can lessen the blow of a mother meltdown with just one (or perhaps two) sips. Ok, we are probably not going to look and feel like the woman in the picture above, but perhaps a little bit more “normal” at least! 
  15. There’s never any reason NOT for having a cup of tea

Do you love tea? Has your love of tea intensified since becoming a mum? Do drop a comment in appreciation if so.

And in the meantime, keep calm and have a cup of tea.

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  1. Oh this is fab. I agree! Cold tea is an aquire taste in only discovered after having a baby. Also black tea when you’ve run out of milk!!

  2. I drink less tea and more coffee but am trying to rediscover my appreciation of tea. At home in Ireland it tastes so much better than here in Germany where I live, even with the Irish tea bags it is just not the same.

  3. I love tea! I will have 2 cups of tea before I start my day properly and then always have a cup going throughout the day..a cup of tea always makes things better! #TwinklyTuesday x

  4. I do love tea and drink it often even in sweaty Thailand where most have their caffeine on ice. I can’t stand it cold though, shudder! Love the cozy feeling you get and it definitely has healing properties.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter xxx

    • It’s not so much the cold as the sickly sweet syrup they just love to kill it with in Asia – BARF!!!! haha. Loving the new linky lovely it rocks x

  5. Ha I wrote an homage to coffee recently. (I do love tea too though; sitting here with one right now working my way through linky reading). So when we meet when I next come over, you hug your tea mug and I’ll hug my latte. Thanks for linking to #BabyBrainMonday wifey.

  6. My tea and coffee intake has gone off the charts since having my second child, so has my intake of cake. Funny that 🙂

  7. Tea has become my greatest obsession over the last month. I completely understand your love for this precious drink… 🙂

    • I slipped back into coffee recently and realised it was not exactly what I needed to be a calmer mum to an insane toddler. Back to tea it was…after about the 11th time of putting the kettle on haha…

  8. Love this! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and have totally gone off tea – the thing I’m most looking forward to after giving birth is enjoying my tea again! 😛

  9. I love the ritual of tea! It’s like a mini meditation the brewing and the stirring. I love that it’s five predictable minutes in a hectic day #TheList

    • Yes! Another wonderful thing to add to the list…I love zoning out while making a cuppa my little one knows to leave me alone now while I’m making one – result!

  10. Yes yes yes! I LOVE tea, I always have, but since becoming a mum it is now an obsession! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  11. Fab post, I’m actually drinking a cup of tea as I read this 😉 I have coffee first thing to wake me up then tea to fuel me through the day love it!
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

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