20+ great fun and educational Alexa games to use in your homeschooling

fun and educational Alexa games

A week into homeschooling during Coronavirus, I have realised my scheduling was a bit too generous! Things that I had scheduled were taking about half the time to complete leaving a lot of room for freestyling. One thing that I have come to discover is a total saviour during these moments is the various fun and educational Alexa games on offer.

They are also great when you need some breathing space to hang up the washing or clean the house. Yes, of course, we are all trying to get our kids to muck in but they are not generally consistently compliant are they?!

So today I wanted to share with you a very handy list of fun and educational Alexa games which have been coming in very useful during this period of homeschooling and homeworking during Coronavirus that you can get your children to engage with at moments like these:


1-2-3 Math

An educational Alexa skills game that test kids in their maths knowledge. Choose from three categories, “easy,” “medium,” and “hard,” and earn points for correct answers. This has proven a great way to inject a bit of fun maths learning and problem-solving into those “hmmm what now?” moments.

Math Mania

Math Mania provides a variety of game modes including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, fractions, money only, or for a real challenge play the everything mode!

Lemonade Stand

Getting kids to practice maths while making and selling lemonade = win-win!

Bamboo Math

Bamboo Math covers 4 maths operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Kids can select which of the 4 they want to practice. Covering numerical and word problems, with lots of visuals – particularly in the word problems – with a fun mix of animals and objects to keep kids engaged.

Times Table Battle

A fun multiplication game for kids ideally aged between six and twelve – but anyone is welcome to try and beat Alexa! In Simple Mode, see how many points they can get answering multiplication questions which progressively get harder – up to 20x table. Or opt for battle mode if they are feeling brave and go head to head against Alexa!

Language Skills

Word of the Day

The perfect way to extend children’s vocabulary day by day. What is says on the tin!

Word Play

Their task is to solve the hidden five letter words, with only the first (or first few) letters given to them. With each guess Alexa will tell you how close they are – which letters were right, which were wrong, and which ones were misplaced. Think Jeopardy on Alexa!

General knowledge


Perfect for curious kids, Curiosity delivers the most interesting facts and perspectives to ignite their natural curiosity. Get set to be wowed with Alexa’s in-depth knowledge on thousands of subjects, as well as best stories from history and the most exciting views of the future.

Kids News

Kids News provides fun entertaining daily current events, science and other types of news for children of all ages! News is updated daily. Kids News updates are short and fun and meant to be educational and/or inspiring.

Kids’ Quiz

 Kids Quiz poses fun new questions everyday for children ages 5-12, from animals and science to brainteasers and fun facts. Kids Quiz is a great way for children to reinforce their learning and discover new things about the world.

This Day in History

Ask Alexa to launch “This Day in History” to learn all about historical facts from the day. Powered by The History Channel.

Daily Dinosaur

When asked, Daily Dinosaur will describe the dinosaur of the day or randomly select a dinosaur from a list of over 1000 species and provide a brief description. Perfect for dinosaur lovers!

20+ great fun and educational Alexa games

Story telling

Amazon Storytime

Explore a collection of more than a hundred short stories featuring lively full-cast recordings. Kids can choose from story categories including bedtime, silly, family, friends, and more. Or spin the magic story wheel for a surprise set of stories.

The Magic Door

This is one of the earliest Alexa games we discovered. Another choose-your-own-adventure story skill, set in a fantastical world.

Story Blanks Like Mad Libs…for Alexa!

Kids can fill in the blanks with wacky words and hear their story come to life.

This Skill includes 4 stories:
1. Hungry Hubert
2. The Tiny Princess
3. Adventure Story
4. Backyard Aliens

For a bit of fun

Animal Workout

With some fun sound effects, kids can become a number of animals like an ape, dog, bear, elephant, and even tyrannosaurs rex. There are specific exercises while kids imagine that they are one of the fun animals. Perfect for burning off some steam!

Escape the Room Turn

You can turn any room into an escape room with this skill! It is pretty hard so best done as a family and/or for older children as some of the clues can be really tricky!

Guess the Animal

Kids love this guessing game which involves Alexa pretending to be an animal and reading a series of clues to help them…guess the animal!

Travel Quest Kids

This skill is an adventure-styled travel exploration game. A unique passport is created for each member of the household that wants to play. Once you have a passport, you are given a choice of countries to explore.

Exploring a country allows you to learn about the cuisine, geography, landmarks, leaders, events, festivals and even more in a fun way. Answering simple questions allows you to explore the country further. When you finish exploring a country, you get gold doubloons, a ticket to play our bonus game, “Who, What Where?”, and a chance of leveling up.

Tricky Genie

A great way to test children’s problem-solving abilities. Alexa will tell a quick story about one or more characters that get themselves into a predicament. The tricky genie will appear holding three sacks. One sack contains the very best solution to the problem. The genie will give two chances to pick the sack with the best solution. But the genie may try to trick you into being satisfied with a solution that isn’t the best one.

Would You Rather for Family

We are big fans of this game – hours of fun but also great for honing logic in a creative way with these “would you rather” scenarios, specifically written for kids.

Kids Jokes, Knock-Knocks and Riddles

Perfect for a bit of lighthearted downtime, this skill boasts over 300 funny knock-knocks, riddles and other jokes for kids!

Twenty Questions

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Think of almost anything and Twenty Questions will figure it out in (you guessed it!) twenty questions or fewer. Kids love trying to outwit Alexa in this classic game!

Well, I hope you found this list of fun and educational Alexa games useful. Have you used any of the above before? Or maybe you have some other fun and educational Alexa games to add to this list in a comment below?

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