2020 flooring trends: Get ahead with style

As well as preparing for Christmas, it’s the time where we look ahead to the new year and begin to make plans for changes and projects. The new year is the perfect time to get stuck into a new scheme and better yourself or your home… so why not considering revamping your home with crisp new flooring? Get on top of the fashion and discover the 2020 flooring trends that are looking hot for next year….

It’s really exciting until you realise that choosing a floor is actually pretty daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be- do your research on which flooring type is best for you, then you can whittle it down. We are here to help you find the latest and most trendy flooring that will keep your home striking for years to come.

Wood flooring is a classic choice, never going out of fashion and presenting an exquisite, timeless appeal. So many types of flooring such as vinyl and laminate imitate real wood’s beauty, so we certainly can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon. However, as technology improves and laminate and vinyl become increasingly more realistic, wood flooring companies need to work hard to keep things interesting.

Engineered wood sales have soared in recent years, as it still exhibits the desirable look of wood bit with added benefits such as underfloor heating. With so many colours, patterns and types of woods available, it can make choosing the right type of wood flooring nearly as hard as choosing the type of flooring. However, which type of wood flooring is ‘on fleek’ for 2020?

Parquet flooring

This is often chosen to give the wow factor, a real showstopper choice. The planks are arranged in a geometrical pattern, which in turn adds character and creates an interesting, affluent statement. When it comes to 2020 flooring trends, rustic, contemporary or traditional interior, parquet flooring will always look amazing in any setting. Once more, it comes in many different colours and finishes, from subtle gentle grey to chocolate brown- there are so many possibilities!

Wide planks

This is something cropping up more and more in modern homes. We’d recommend this if you want a traditional rustic look- as natural grains and knots look especially stunning in wider planks. Once more they look magnificent in larger rooms, giving that infinity appeal and making the room look even bigger!

Luxury vinyl tiles

Yes, we kid you not this is one of the 2020 flooring trends to look out for! Forget the idea of vinyl being tacky and outdated. Vinyl has been revolutionised to create Luxury Vinyl tiles, so it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from real tiles. You can even get the stone affect, coming in small tiles, large ones, grey, cream, white… you really have your pick. Once more, it comes with easier maintenance than traditional ceramic tiles.

Darker wood

Although typically associated with an older style flooring, many homeowners are actually going for a walnut or dark chocolate for their floor. Out of all of the 2020 flooring trends, this one can bring a really slick look to your space, and if you go for one with lots of grains and knots it can give that rustic appeal too. Additionally, a darker floor can also disguise dirt and debris better than a lighter flooring- you can’t really say no to this!


So many of us are going crazy for grey, that it’s probably the most popular colour for flooring at the moment. It presents a natural, airy look, but with a calming subtle elegance, that you get the best of both worlds. We’ve seen grey take over the flooring world in recent years, available in laminate, vinyl, wood and tile and this is really coming through in terms of 2020 flooring trends. It is also versatile that you can introduce any colour or texture into the room and your grey flooring will remain as stylish as ever.

2020 flooring trends


With the modern age seeing technology improve and new inventions coming out all the time, we sometimes find ourselves lusting after something a little closer to nature. A rustic style flooring shows off beautiful grains and knots, it will be sure to add character to your space. A honey toned oak with darker knots running throughout would do the trick to achieve your rustic dream. One of our favourite 2020 flooring trends we have to say!

There’s nothing worse than splashing out on snazzy new flooring and finding that it goes out of fashion in two years. But these 2020 flooring trends are sure to stay current for many years.

Go with your gut, and let us know which of these 2020 flooring trends really appeals to you?



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