5 activities to encourage creativity in children

encourage creativity in children

Every child has a gift just waiting to be unveiled to the world. All we, as parents, need to do is to help them discover their creative side and let it bloom. Since not all the children possess the same talents, we have to encourage them to participate in different activities that will eventually bring out their creative side. By letting their creativity flourish, they will benefit from social as well as emotional intelligence in school, and later in life. In addition to this, fostering their creativity means having fun by playing sports, dancing, acting, etc.

Therefore, here are 5 activities for encouraging creativity in your kids:

Reading the comics

Along with being humorous and interesting, a comic book is a great way to make your child understand comedy. The funny punch lines will broaden the child’s vocabulary, while the attractive illustrations could motivate the children to visually express themselves. Moreover, encouraging the child to make his or her own comic is a good way to unleash their creative side. Let them make their own characters and storyline. Help the child draw a comic by using crayons, or if you are handy with the programs for illustration, make a short comic together that you will later print out and enjoy.

Building and crafts

Another activity highly recommended by many pedagogues is playing with Lego blocks. When children are building with their Legos, they are architects who are building their ideas. They are engaging their creativity; they are creating their own scenarios and developing their motor skills as well. Puzzles are a great way of engaging the child’s creativity. For older children, give a thought to encouraging their imagination by letting them craft their own toys. Let them make doll clothes, a cardboard house, and cars, which they can later treasure as childhood souvenirs. During this interesting project, their creativity will surely come to light. For more inspiration why not check out these craft ideas.

Learning a language

Are you thinking about signing your child up for a French or Spanish class? Not only is learning a new language an extremely valuable skill but it also boosts creativity. Therefore, after letting your child pick a language, introduce that language in your home, too. By simply decorating a corner in the child’s bedroom with some basic words from that language, or speaking the language during dinner, the child will get used to it. Using some apps for learning a second language such as Duolingo, is also a great way for a child to develop speaking skills and creativity.

Playing sports

Along with many health benefits, playing sports will also let their creativity flourish. For example, encourage the children to express themselves through dancing. Dancing lessons will develop their motor skills as well. Another sport, which is known to bring out the creative side in kids, is golf. While they are trying to make a perfect golf swing with the right club, children are engaging their whole mind and body. As a result, through this intelligent game, a child is learning patience and new inventive ways to solve a problem.


Another activity that many children enjoy doing from their early age is acting. If you notice that your child enjoys playing different roles or likes to sing and perform, think about signing your child up for drama classes. Along with creativity, this will help them build their confidence. Moreover, take a step further and make home-videos together, so the child can have a chance to perform. It can be a music video or a short film made on your smartphone. You can also organize a play in your neighborhood and ask other parents to let their children participate.

Fun equals creativity

‘’Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’’- Pablo Picasso. Creativity lies in every child. As a parent, your job is to let the child discover its creative side and nourish it until the child is ready to share it with the world. There are many hobbies that help nourish the creative side such as reading the comic books, crafting, learning a language, playing a sport or even acting. Not only will the children discover their creative side, but they will also have a lot of fun.

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