5 brilliant children’s book sets for 5 year olds + a #giveaway

book sets for 5 year olds

I have been reading to my daughter since she was a baby, and now she is just a couple of weeks shy of turning five, we have a house bursting with books and a girl who is falling in love with reading independently. In my view, a house can never have too many books (just come around and have a look at ours lol!), and a child can never have enough books either!

The beauty of books – unlike so many toys – is that children come back to them time and time again because they are programmed to do so – it’s how they learn new words and how to read after all. So in my book (excuse the pun!) a set of new books makes a a great addition to any reading nook, book shelf, or gift list as far as I’m concerned.

I have never EVER regretted buying any books….unlike so many toys of which there are too many to mention (you just need to take a look at our untouched toy chest for evidence of that). With that said, today I’ve teamed up with The Book People to share with you my pick of five brilliant book sets for five year olds. So let’s get on with my handpicked favourites:

PJ Masks Collection (4 books for £4.99)

book sets for 5 year olds

So many children around this age seem to be MASSIVE PJ Masks fans…my daughter included, and there’s nothing she loves more than seeing her favourite characters and their action-packed night adventures brought to life off the TV screen.

This set includes four pacy books centred around stories any PJ Masks fan will love: discovering that their super vehicles have gone missing and have to rely on their bicycles to catch Romeo in order to get them back; looking into the case of stolen school buses; one which features a new pet called Birdy and Mayhem at the Museum which finds them taking on Romeo after he makes a Big Box of Bad and controls the city with it from the museum. These books make for perfect superhero action.

Julia Donaldson Activity Collection (10 books for £11.99)

book sets for 5 year olds

I find after school a bit of a tricky one in our house. My daughter is usually quite bushed but also always wants to do something. As I’m also usually trying to catch up on the housework after knocking off work, for me it’s about having a stash of engaging activity books to keep little minds busy, and this Julia Donaldson Activity Collection is just the ticket.

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s books have and continue to be some of my daughter’s favourites (and I’m guessing you have some fans at home too!) and this collection contains three colouring books (each with over 20 scenes to decorate); four sticker books (with over 100 stickers each); and three activity books (with over 30 puzzles in each one). Wowzers!

Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Levels 4-6 (25 books for £17.99)

book sets for 5 year olds

If you have a five year old at home who is starting to get into the swing of their independent reading adventure – much like ours – then these books will probably be a familiar sight. My daughter brings back a couple of these from school each week, and until recently, we have been popping down the library to get some extras to keep in her room if she fancies reading independently.

I can’t tell you how much having copies of these at home has worked! But I just don’t make it to the library enough…and so when I saw this massive collection especially published for children at reading levels 4-6 I thought having one of these sets at home would be an incredible way to support her reading journey. I know how much she loves the familiar characters and entertaining stories are and know these will be returned to again and again.

Disney Classics Collection (4 books for £4.99)

book sets for 5 year olds

As far as I’m concerned, Disney movies will never go out of fashion, and now that the whole Frozen and Moana frenzy has subsided my daughter has been busy discovering some of the more classic Disney movies of late. So I couldn’t resist including this collection of four Disney stories which are packed with amazing artwork from some much loved Disney films and which comes in a reusable Disney tote bag.

Containing 101 Dalmations, The Jungle Book, The Lion King and Peter Pan, this is a lovely gift set for any child who has watched the films and fallen in love with the likes of Pongo and Perdita, Mowgli, Simba and the boy who never grew up! Perfect for a spot of bedtime reading with mum or dad too.

Dr Seuss: Classic Collection (20 books for £21.99)

book sets for 5 year olds

Five year olds have an amazing sense of humour – they see the ridiculousness in everything! – so I just had to include this Dr Seuss Collection. I remember reading Dr Seuss books as a child and just finding them the most random, entertaining thing out (hence the Flamingo in the picture – errrrr random!). My daughter feels exactly the same! Their rhyming ways and crazy artwork make them totally timeless, zany and the sort of books that can be and will be enjoyed on countless occasions.

I think you’ll agree that not only are the above books sets from the Book People great for any five year old but they are also incredible value too far as children’s books go!

And now for even more excitement…..

I have a massive bundle of books from The Book People to giveaway including:

  • A PJ Masks Book Collection
  • A Julia Donaldson Picture Book Collection
  • A Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Levels 4-6 Collection
  • A Disney Classics Collection
  • A Dr Seuss: Classic Collection

***To enter head over to my giveaways page here***

Which of the above children’s book sets appeal to you the most? Do leave a comment and share. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out 3 awesome storybooks you need on your shelves.

*This post was sponsored by Book People


  1. These would be lovely for my special needs students. Also my daughter is a librarian in a school and has a low budget for books. She would be so grateful to share these with me for her students if I won.

  2. My two granddaughters would love the Dr Seuss books, they find humour in everything we read to them. Having had them for my children (separate books back then) who are now 39 & 36 and knowing the pleasure and interest in learning to read that they gave then As a set they would be welcomed to their bookshelves without any doubt.

  3. My daughter loves reading Biff, Chip and Kipper, thy are fantastic books that a child really learns from

  4. We’re big book fans in our house too with Julia Donaldson being favourite. I do have some if the Dr Seuss books in storage for our son but I’m still entering your giveaway!

  5. We have the same attitude towards books in our house. Last I counted we had around 500 picture books. I think out of these the Dr Seuss set is my favourite.

  6. I think my niece would like the Julia Donaldson books, I would like the biff chip and kipper books I loved them when I was at school lol

  7. Dr Seuss: Classic Collection – We have one of the books but my son would love the rest! He really enjoys reading 🙂

  8. This is such an amazing prize! My son would absolutely love the Dr Seuss collection. Actually, so would I, we’re both huge fans!

  9. It would have to be the Julia Donaldson set for sure- we love the stories and some activity books would be a lovely compliment to them

  10. I think my son would like the dr Seuss collection the most but my daughter would prefer the Julia Donaldson collection x

  11. My granddaughter would love the Julia Donaldson collection. She loves the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom so would love to add to her collection. Personally I’ve always found the Disney books a bit of a let down, the artwork is lovely but the text is often uninspired and not particularly engaging. However, I’m willing to give them another chance to change my mind.

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