5 DIY wall art ideas to jazz up your home

DIY wall art ideas

Sometimes you get that feeling that your home and walls need something new. But before you go spanking your wallet and spending a fortune consider this…sometimes it’s the little things that can turn a home around and in my book, a little bit of wall art can go a long way. But if money is tight, don’t let that stop you – it’s time to get your creative juices flowing instead! Here, to get you started are five DIY wall art ideas to jazz up your home.

Work a wreath

You’ll never look longingly at another wreath in-store again when you know just how easy (and satisfying) it can be to create your very own wreath. When we think of wreaths we tend to think Christmas and doors but actually they don’t have to be just for festive times or doors (think walls too!) and in fact if you go and look in store now the shops are starting to put out lots of lovely autumnal wreaths. If you like things to be fluid in your house, you can even switch up wreaths by season. Check out this article on Tip Junkie for lots of ideas on how to make an autumn wreath and if you’re like me and not the craftiest – the best bet is tp try making a minimalist wreath – some fab ideas on that here.

DIY wall art ideas

Dream up a dreamcatcher

Forget those traditional leather dreamcatchers of yesterday….it’s all about making your own dreamcatchers and putting your own spin on them. They also happen to look rather lovely hung around the house. There are so many ways you can work a dreamcatcher and Hey Let’s Make Stuff has an awesome round up of dreamcatcher tutorials.

DIY wall art ideas

Create a DIY shelf gallery

We’ve seen them everywhere – the walls with a bajillion pictures on them fashioned into an in-home gallery but why not take things in a slightly different direction and create a shelf gallery instead? All it takes is a couple of floating shelves and lots of different framed pictures to make this one happen. And of course, Pinterest has some fab inspo on picture ledges here.

Make a statement with some canvas art

Don’t let those classic family pictures stay floating in the Cloud forever – it’s time to get them up on the walls! You can either look to make a DIY canvas print with your favourite photos – and here’s a great tutorial from Wellness Mama here;or for those of you who might find this a stretch too far (excuse the pun) you can also get some help in making those lovely canvas prints to pep up your walls from a number of providers online.

DIY wall art ideas

Bring on some button art

If you’ve got a tin of mismatched buttons lying around then now could be their time to shine. Dig them out, brush off the dust and get creative – buttons really can be transformed into pretty much any design that comes to mind but here’s a great tutorial over on Make And Do Crew to get you started!

Which of the above ideas would you love to try to jazz up your home? Do leave a comment and share?

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