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New apps for parents and parents to be promising to bring help, organisation and wisdom right to our finger tips are coming on the market quicker than I can shake a stick at them. Hot off the heels of my last apps for parents round up,  check out my pick of five new apps you need to know about.

Baby Bundle App

Touted as one of the essential one-stop new apps for parents on the market (brought to you by Mumsnet), the Baby Bundle App aims to help new parents through the first two years of parenthood by providing information, support and a place to keep track of everything to do with their baby, from feeding patterns and nap times to measurements and doctors’ appointments.

Free features include monitoring tools, activity feed, a parenting guide, a health reference segment, and a news and talk feed keeping you connected to Mumsnet news and forum discussions.

Download the app for free on iTunes here.

Prodigy Patient

An app that gives prescriptive and reliable advice on medical conditions to help parents and kids get better faster. Developed by Clarity Informatics, an accredited provider of information for NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) which provides information to doctors, Prodigy Patient has information on over 350 medical conditions, each with 1,000 sub-topics.

The app displays seasonal ‘top ten’ conditions and help users to pinpointing their condition by body part, giving them fast access to the information they need – and helping them have informed discussions with doctors.

Download the app for free on iTunes, Google Play or Windows Store


Born out of the difficulty its two founders experienced meeting other mums after having their second babies, mush is the new, free way for mums to meet local mums with kids the same age, with the sole mission to making mums’ lives more…erm… brilliant! Described as Tinder meets NCT (with less one night stands and breathing exercises) and matches mums according to their locations, kids ages and mutual friends.

Use the mush matcher to find like-minded mums based on an algorithm of kids’ ages, locations and mutual friends, plan events with mums and organize your diary, seeing who is ‘free to play’ right now and check out the mush guides –  non-judgemental, helpful, inspiring and funny content written for mums by mums, who also happen to be renowned journalists and bloggers.

Download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play


Do you have problems organizing your family activities or find it hard to arrange dates with friends? Do you keep a family calendar hanging up at home but no one seems to take any notice of it other than you? Then you need Droppa!

Droppa allows you to interact with your family and close friends and informing them via push notification rather than all other calendars/organizers which rely on email promising to make family organisation so much easier. Droppa means that the family calendar is with you at all times and everyone can send you, or you can send them, drops inviting you to events or just keeping you up to date with what’s going on making the words “I’ll need to check the family calendar”  history. Recently awarded the Mumsnet award for family app and shortlisted for the forthcoming Loved By Parents awards this is certainly one hot app.

Download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play.  


Every parent knows the woes of trying to find a baby sitter for that elusive date night – and so hurrah for bubble which lets parents find, book and pay local babysitters with just a few taps.  Leaving the traditional agency model behind, the brain child of two London dads is an on-demand service that uses social and community data (e.g. Facebook, schools & nurseries) to connect parents with babysitters that already exist within their wider personal networks – the sitters already used by friends and people they trust the most for the ultimate peace in mind.

With a two-way ratings and reviews system between parents and sitters and no subscription or upfront fees I know which app I’ll be turning to next time date night rolls around.

Download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play.

What do you think of these apps for parents? Which do you think you would find the most useful/would you be the most likely to use? Do leave a little comment and let me know?

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  1. This list is great! I remember looking for apps when I was expecting. These will really help new parents out for sure. I like the sound of droppa and the baby bundle app.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

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