5 traditional foods from Iceland I would kill for right now

traditional Iceland foods

The other week I posted about the 7 things you HAVE to do in Iceland, from the time I spent over there some years ago. In fairness, when one thinks about Iceland….their cuisine might not be the first thing that springs to mind….errrr….fermented whale…no thanks! BUT they have 5 other things which are totally droolworthy, among the many others…which I’m going to shine a light on right here:


I am a HUGE lamb lover, and if I could I would live off lamb every day of my life (sorry baby animal lovers), I totally would. The lamb in Iceland is second to none in terms of texture and flavour thanks to all that super lush Icelandic grass and free range lifestyle they tend to enjoy over there.  In my view, the best way to enjoy lamb over in Iceland is smoked but be warned – the smoking process is infused with dried sheep dung (yes really!) to give it an extra earthy flavour dimension.

Rye Bread

Iceland foods

Once you have tasted the Icelandic rye bread I’m telling you….you will never want to eat anything other than freshly baked Icelandic rye bread ever again. It has an amazingly thick texture with a beautifully slightly sweet taste the two of which makes it freakishly more-ish. But the BEST thing about the rye bread in Iceland is all the amazing things you can put on top of it: pate, smoked fish and meats, the list goes on…..mmmmmm….

Icelandic Hotdog

No, I’m not talking about those disgusting hotdogs you get on the streets around Leicester Square…hell no! I’m talking about seriously tasty hotdogs which are probably the best you’ve EVER tasted. The reason being? They are made of lamb meat (huzzah!) and served with crunchy raw onions, mustard and ketchup. Yup, you won’t want to be kissing anyone after you’ve munched on one of these babies but who cares because you’ll be in hotdog heaven!!!


foods from Iceland


I am a sucker for a bit of history, and so love to chow down on something that has been…well chowed down on by others for over a thousand years. Introducing Skyr – a little like Greek Yogurt in texture but a bit milder and sour in taste, enjoy topped with blueberries for a seriously healthy and nutritional power up!

With such a huge fishing industry there is no way that Iceland’s fish could not be on this list. But no, we’re not talking fish and chips….we’re talking dried and salted fish. Think salty, crunchy and a little bit like beef jerky in fish form!

Hmmm I don’t know about you but all of this is kinda making me want to hotfoot it back to Iceland!

Have you ever visited Iceland before and tried any of the above? Or if not, which of the above would you like to try? Do leave a comment and share.

photo credit: Ronaldc5 Rye bread via photopin (license) ; rustyruth1959 Upstairs in the Gardeners Lodge at Eyam Hall via photopin (license)

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  1. My husband and I have wanted to go to Iceland for the longest time! I had no idea they were know for rye bread(?) It sounds heavenly and I can’t wait to give it a try

  2. I think I would be interested in the rye bread and of course, fish. It is always a great experience to sample food from different countries and cultures!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. I am a huge lamb lover too so if there’s a restaurant serving it there, I’m definitely in. It’ll be the first one I go to.

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