5 reasons to go camping in Spring

camping in Spring

Most of us tend to shy away from the idea of camping until the summer months, but for the brave, the benefits of going camping in Spring are there for the taking. Here I round up 5 reasons to pack up your tent and go camping in Spring!

Less people

Camping in summer is all very well but it feels like the whole world and their dog is doing it. The beauty of going camping in Spring which is the slower season is that there are fewer people going camping too! In Spring time, the atmosphere can be a little bit more laid back with enough people there to give the campsite the right vibe, but not so many people there that you’re practically camping on top of one another!

The scenery

Spring can be an incredible time to go camping thanks to mother nature – everything is at its freshest and most beautiful before things have become frazzled by the sun,. Think aromatic forests and carpets of wild flowers. Eurocamp has an amazing array of camping holidays in some incredible locations – just think of what camping in the Alps in Spring would be like!  Cue me running through an alpine meadow surrounded by butterflies. That is, unless it is during the night time toilet run where I’ll be relying on my head lamp!

It costs less

Because you’re not camping during peak period, obviously you won’t be paying peak prices either. Obviously, if you’re on a budget then this cost saving is a no brainer. Bring on the discounts!

Less sweat

Yes, in an ideal world camping in summer sounds lovely, and in Britain yes it will be…but if you’re heading over to the continent where temperatures can reach dizzying heights then that can mean one thing and one things only – a sweatfest. One thing you won’t be missing is the sticky feeling of being in a tent in summer time.

Less creepy crawlies

Going camping in Spring means you’ll be going before the creepy crawly and bug season really comes into effect, and that can only be a good thing right? Just imagine…a camping holiday with no mosquitos….hurrah!

So are the above reasons enough to tempt you to go on a camping holiday in Spring? Or perhaps have already cottoned on to why camping in Spring is a good thing? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. Totally agree with you 😉 Personally, I think spring is the ideal time to take in the fresh air and soak up some Vitamin D. That’s an essential element for kids’ skin.
    Also, being active outside isn’t only fun, but also decrease stress and improve attention span. Who doesn’t love a day like that?

  2. Wow, I never knew that creepy crawlies are not out and about as much in spring. One thing that puts me off camping is bugs so this is good to know

  3. I like the idea of camping way more than I like the reality. We keep talking about going but then I think about taking these four into a muddy field and pitching a tent and I realise there is no chance!!

  4. Yes, I totally love camping and spring is perfect because it’s less people and better costs. It’s also nice to have that fresh smell in the morning of crisp weather in nature – lovely.

  5. I’m so with you. We have our first caravan trip booked in two weeks time. For us it’s nice to go when parks are a bit quieter….and yes less bugs. We have to get used to rain being British and it wouldn’t be a caravan trip without it

  6. Spring is my most favorite weather and yes! because of its mother nature’s beauty, everything seems so fresh and clean. Plus, every night its so chilly. Truly one of my favorite weather for camping. Love the article! Cheers!

  7. I’d just like to suggest that when it comes to outdoor activities such as camping, might as well try to glamp, like glamping itself. Not really much of an upgraded camping but by the name itself, it’s just being glamorous. Thank you so much for sharing this, nevertheless 🙂

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