5 reasons to try a home swap this holiday & win a Platinum Love Home Swap membership!


Family holidays can be an overwhelming task with three main factors standing in the way – cost, convenience and flexibility. Hotels, resorts or villas fulfil this holy trinity of family holidays, meaning that you can often be left paying through the nose for your holiday accommodation, being cooped up in a space that is far from ideal for a family holiday, or incurring additional costs by not having the facilities to feed the family on site. But there is a way around it….

A few weeks back, the lovely people at Love Home Swap enabled my family and I to find a way around the usual holiday challenges we find ourselves up against (other than our own children!!)  by letting me test out their home swapping service which took us to Copenhagen for a week.

I won’t lie, finding a home swap “partner” does take a little work (much like online dating for travel), an open mind, and you have to be able to trust, but in return you get these benefits too!

A home away from home

Gone are the days when it was just the two of you, and you could just live in a hut for a week with nothing but a backpack. Travelling with a family means you like to have your creature comforts – space to run around in, toys to play with, a supermarket close by, an adequate kitchen to cook in complete with toaster and pans. The beauty of swapping with with a family home means you get to enjoy a home set up with the needs of a family in mind already.

Visiting places you never thought of

With home in over 190 countries on the Love Home Swap platform, there are so many different opportunities in the mix. Honestly, if someone had asked me, Denmark wouldn’t have even featured in my mind but because the Love Home Swap platform tempts you with a selection of homes that match your search by city pad, sea view or mountain view, it kind of shakes your destination potential up a bit. We knew we wanted a city pad that we could “bring the kids” to, and after a process of review, selection and elimination…the rest as they say…was history!

Cost savings

This one is a no brainer. It doesn’t take a genius to realise the cost savings a home swap leads to. A week’s accommodation gratis ANYWHERE is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. All it costs it someone using your own home at the same time, and a cheap flight to your destination. The costs savings we made on our holiday meant we were able to in spend a little more during our visit, and using the money we saved to hire a car and explore the country further.

A REAL experience

Yes, you can be in a picture perfect hotel, resort or villa in a place just made for tourists OR you can see and experience how the people of the country you are visiting live, and sort of live their life for a week. Pretty cool.

Flexibility and convenience

In my book, there is nothing more vexing than having to dance around check in and check out times when on holiday. None of that with a home swap because you both need to be in each other’s places at the same time. You are also not dancing around peak seasons, dates, weekends and so forth as you are both working towards a mutually convenient time to arrange your swap and I was amazed at how incredibly smooth this was with our swap partner.


Like what you read? The lovely folks over at Love Home Swap are giving away a year’s Platinum Membership worth £240. Just leave a comment with the words yes please I’d like to win! and an entry will be selected using random selection software. Competition closes on 6am 31st May. ***

This post is collaboration with Love Home Swap. All opinions are my own.


  1. The only time I have ever seen this is in the film “The Holiday” when Cameron Diaz meets Jude Law…But back to planet earth and in a world where I travel with Three kids, what a great idea! I also think that, as you say, it will open up a whole host of other places to visit that you may have considered before. Thanks for telling us about in #Cool Mum Club!
    yes please I’d like to win!

  2. Yes please I’d like to win!
    What a brilliant idea. We love EBay, Gumtree and Air B&B … almost to the post of excluding anything ‘new’ – so this sounds like a logical next step.
    Aching for a summer holiday and Copenhagen is absolutely on my list! Thanks x #coolmumclub

  3. Whatever next? Wife swap? 😉

    Probs rather trade the home than the hubby – sounds a great idea!
    #coolmumclub partner in crime, nice review…

  4. Wow what an interesting concept! I didn’t know people actually swapped houses (other than Airbnb style). I’ll admit though I don’t think I could handle knowing a stranger was in my house. Good for you for taking on the adventure.

  5. Your blog does not want to let me comment today – sorry if you receive multiple similar messages! I think these are a brilliant idea for cost & practicality (though I suppose you need to live somewhere people would want to visit to participate!) However, I could never contemplate it as I can’t stand the thought of strangers in my house. & I’m not that keen on being in random people’s houses myself. For someone like me, all convenience and practicality would be lost, as I would spend at least half the break cleaning their house in case they hadn’t done it properly. I would then spend about a year cleaning my house on return (& probably end up replacing all belongings & moving)! I wish this was an exaggeration! For people less insane than me, however, great idea! & always makes me think of The Holiday, which is a Christmas guilty pleasure! #coolmumclub

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