5 ways to take five minutes for yourself in the morning

five minutes for yourself in the morning

I know what you’re thinking….take five minutes for yourself in the morning??! But how? As crazy as it might seem there IS a way, even if it means waking up five minutes earlier to do just that. But why bother? Research shows that the way you start your day sets you up for the rest of the day ahead, so with that in mind I’ve teamed up with Five Minutes In The Morning – A Focus Journal, to share some ideas on how you can do just that.

Think about one of the best moments of your life

Noticing the good things in our lives encourages us to cand positive thinking has been proven to be good for both our health and our happiness.

Explore how you really feel

When we put our feelings into words, studies show that we become less attached to them and more able to live in the present without distraction. Just by labeling our emotions, we help our brain to process them. And by engaging in this process you are also allowing yourself to truly feel, rather than suppress any difficult emotion. As soon as you acknowledge a feeling it immediately releases its grip. Stop for a moment and properly consider how you are feeling right now.

Take notice

Mindfulness is a mental state of being in which you focus on the present moment and simply take notice. It is a state of awareness in which you are able to notice and acknowledge what is going on both inside you and in your surroundings.

Here are three simple exercises to draw your attention to the small but important elements that make up your everyday life:

1. When you wake up, stay in bed and spend five minutes just looking at your bedroom. Notice the pictures on the wall, the pieces of furniture and the way the light filters through the curtains.

2. Go out into the garden, stand on the balcony or just open a window. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the morning (preferably before the rest of the family is up!).

3. Make yourself a cup of coffee and take five minutes to drink it (this might have to be after the school run!). Do nothing else, simply be aware of how the cup feels in your hand, breathe in the aroma and savour the taste.

Take three deep breaths

Next time you have a few minutes spare, don’t check your phone; take three deep breaths instead and, as you do so, concentrate on nothing but the feel of the air as it comes into and then leaves your body with each breath. Notice the sensation in your nostrils, shoulders and rib cage.

See the big picture

It is all too easy to blow our day-to-day anxieties out of proportion and lose our sense of perspective. Next time you feel this starting to happen, try to think about the problem from the point of view of your future self. You can also try this manifestation exercise: Choose an aspect of your life, for example your career, finances or relationship. Now spend five minutes imagining all the detail of how you wish that aspect of your life to feel. Create a vibrant mental picture and really begin to lean in and experience how it feels.

5 ways to take five minutes for yourself in the morning

For more ways ways to give yourself these few minutes at the beginning of the day for a little self-enquiry and reflection check out Five Minutes In The Morning – A Focus Journal, published by Octopus Books. 

*The above extracts Five Minutes In The Morning – A Focus Journal have been published with kind permission 


  1. I needed to read this, this morning! I’ve had a testing few days, juggling too many balls and feeling overwhelmed. When I know what I do need is to just take it easy, for a few minutes every day. I’ve started doing 20 minutes of hypnobirthing each day whilst Josh naps to rest, recoup and recharge. You need a bit of me time xxx #coolmumclub

  2. I am all for mindfulness. I have been doing it over 10 years now and swear by it. I probably don’t practice it as much as I should, well I don’t but it always comes to my rescue when I need it most. I hope becomes more and more widespread. #coolmumclub

  3. Man if I did number 1 I’d be even more stressed by the fact our bedroom has never been properly decorated and always looks a mess even after it’s been tidied! And number 2 almost makes me weep because the thing I hate most about Maltese houses is no garden. So I’m going with number 3. I can do that one!
    Seriously though, regarding what you say about thinking of a happy memory, I remember when we used our coffee maker the first time. I was so thrilled. It felt like a bit of Italy is in our home. And I”m a BIG believer in the breathing. Living in the sun though is the biggest healer for me. We find our zen in different ways. Thanks for this wifey.

  4. I work from home, so it’s a little different. But, I basically don’t count the first 3 hours. We get up at 7 ish, then have a crazy hour or so packing lunches, getting breakfast, showering, trying to get a head start on work. Then I drop the kids off and I’m home for 9:40. This is when I start my day. I let myself have 20minutes reading a book, having a coffee and breakfast and ignoring the world. Makes the day better! #coolmumclub

  5. Being mindful and trying to understand why I need to respond that why and is it really that important has helped me feel much calmer X #coolmumclub

  6. I love this – I have been trying to take a few minutes out for myself at the start of each day as it’s so full on with Emma! Mindfulness is so powerful and I’m loving some of the apps you can get to help you with it. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub x

  7. Ahhh I love this post! Soo many useful ideas and things we should all definitely try! I love the thought of going out in the garden and taking three deep breaths. Thanks for sharing xx

  8. I always try to wake up even just a few minutes before the kids in the morning. I like to have enough time to have a coffee before everyone gets up and the house goes nuts for half an hour! #coolmumclub

  9. I don’t feel like I’ve had one minute to myself all week! Needed to read this today and will bear in mind tomorrow…

    Here’s hoping for some #coolmumclub me time!

  10. Love this. I insist on 5 minutes to drink my decaff latte in the morning, normally whilst shouting for my remaining teen to get up. But without it I simply can’t face the day – but it has to be with a digestive biscuit! #coolmumclub

  11. I really need to focus on my own mindfulness more. It hasn’t occurred to me to do number 1 for a while as sadly my mibike is usually the 1st thing I look at. Food for thought indeed!
    I’m going to do this tommorow and hope to continue #coolmumclub thank you x

  12. I usually get woken up by my military style babies telling me to get ‘up’ before throwing our canvases off the walls! I agree that you need to find some time during the day to connect with yourself though. #coolmumclub

  13. I get up 45 minutes before everyone else in the mornings for some much needed me time to start the day. I actually love just pottering around in the peace and quiet getting ready for the mayhem to start! #coolmumclub

  14. Some great advice and I may just try and wake up earlier to do this and avoid being shouted at by my children as soon as they wake (always a guaranteed bad start to the day!) Thanks for sharing. #CoolMumClub xx

  15. Some really good advice here, these sound great and something I will definitely check out. I think it’s so hard in this day and age, especially as bloggers/people on social media a lot, to stop and think and take some proper time out. #coolmumclub (sorry super late commenting but just catching up!) xx

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