50 things that make me happy

This is a post about 50 shades of grey…oops! Sorry, I mean 50 things that make me happy –  thanks to the lovely Michelle at Misunderstood Mummy who tagged me after she completed hers…

Although I might moan a lot about the perils of motherhood here, this will prove to all of you once and for all that I am not just one big hairy moaning minnie!

And so here goes…

1. My little pumpkin E (when she is not being a ratbag)

2. My partner (when he is not under the influence of a house terrorized by a little ratbag)

3. Chocolate

4. Sunshine, accompanied by oodles of blue sky

5. Seriously chocolatey chocolate

6. A good glass of red wine

7. A fantastically, courageously mixed cocktail with all sorts of ingredients that just should not go together but are absolutely wicked in their marriage

8. Manners

9. Random acts of kindness

10. Brilliant conversation

11. The countryside

12. Feeling inspired

13. Reminiscing

14. Being fed

15. Sleeping

16. Reading

17. Little E’s bedtime and naptime

18. Talking with children

19. Discovering/trying something new

20. Art

21. Musicals

22. Dancing

23. Chit chat with strangers

24. Flowers

25. Rediscovering Britain since my move back from Asia

26. Ice cream

27. When I wondrously discover that I have woken up past 6.30am

28. When my little one says or does something new for the first time

29. When my little one is in a good mood

30. Reading in bed

31. Having a massage

32. Marvelling at nature

33. Having couple time

34. Being around positive people

35. Cake, cake, and more cake

36. Finding out that a friend is pregnant

37. New clothes

38. Hugging

39. Laughing

40. Writing and receiving comments on blog posts

41. Feeling like I’ve helped someone

42. Feeling thankful for all that has been done for me

43. Being in the bosom of my family

44. Seeing our little girl with her grandparents

45. A really fab roast dinner

46. When our little girl is eating well

47. A change of scenery – especially if it’s a holiday!

48. Thoughtfulness

49. Receiving a compliment

50. Knowing that I’ve done the best I could….

I now pass the baton on to the lovely mummas at…

23weeksocks a.k.a. Blopmamma

Mrs Muffin Top

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Mumma Plus Three 


  1. I’ve loved reading other peoples happy lists and there are certainly a few you have, that I do too 😉

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  3. Thankyou for the tag lovely! It’s done, not as hard as I thought it would be either. Nice to read your list and learn a bit about you xx

    • What is so nice is when you first receive it you’re like – holy shit! 50 things?? and then you realise it’s actually quite easy to reel them off which in turn makes you realise how much actually makes you happy…and that you’re really quite happy indeed! xx

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