6 reasons why mums love prosecco – plus win a case of Sensi 18k Gold prosecco!

mums love prosecco

Have you ever wondered why across the land, mums seem to be banging on about prosecco and posting photos of them enjoying a glass of prosecco after a long, hard and tantrum-driven day? Well in case you think we are all stark raving bonkers,  I’ve teamed up with Kingsland WInes to break down why we have all been bitten by the prosecco bug, and why mums love prosecco.


why mums love prosecco

It brings us back to our hey day

OK, so rock and roll we might no longer be and dancing on the tables might be a thing of the past (more like chasing toddlers around a table LOL!), but prosecco is basically like having a mini festival in our very own living room or local pub. Hey! It’s as close to the real deal as we’re ever going to get.

It gives us a bit of glamour

Let’s face it, there’s something about that accessible fizz which is just so glam. When you’ve been drinking cups of microwaved tea all day then prosecco is like Beyonce is comparison.

It tastes damn good

Come on, you can’t deny it….those bubbles, that fruity taste…you and I both know it actually tastes way better than champagne anyway….

It’s affordable

…and it’s a fraction of the price. A bottle of prosecco can be acquired without you having to think once or twice. Easily added onto your weekly shop, no questions asked.

It’s a party in a bottle

There’s something about prosecco that is so fun and frolicky. Suddenly a little catch up with the girls is a night out to remember when prosecco is there to help you celebrate your liberation for one night. And a night with Netflix sipping on a glass of prosecco makes you feel like you’re at the Premiere rather than sitting there in your PJs….well, a mama can dream can’t she?

It’s so drinkable!

Dry or sweet,  white or pink, on it’s own or in a cocktail, there’s no denying that those aromas of spring flowers, citrus and apples and pears are just so drinkable any day of the week, or quite frankly time of day!

So let us therefore end this love song to prosecco with a big old all hail prosecco, the queen of drinks! We love you, and will be eternally faithful to your very fine self. And now for the most exciting bit of this blog post….

***WIN PROSECCO!!!!!***


And because we all love prosecco so much, I’ve teamed up with Kingsland Wines to give away a case of Sensi 18k Gold prosecco (yes that’s 6 bottles) available at Ocado for £16.99 per bottle over on my Facebook page here so hot foot it over and ENTER HERE NOW!!!!

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*This is a collaborative post however all opinions are my own


  1. I absolutely love Prosecco and served it at my wedding instead of Champagne (which is totally overrated in my opinion!) and everyone loved it. I love that it’s super light, bubbly and tastes lovely. Hell yeah I’ll be entering to win a case! x

  2. LOVE Prosecco, especially with some fruit puree in it, yum yum! I’ve entered your awesome giveaway. will keep everything crossed 😀 x

  3. Oh it is so drinkable and I do like it so much, it also has less calories than wine (I think, I heard it somewhere once and have taken it to be the gospel truth) #coolmumclub

  4. Somewhat devastated I’m not on facebook right now! You need a twitter version of entering for losers like me Talya! (*begs*).
    Although, to be fair, I loved the prosecco a little too much on Friday evening and swore I will never touch the stuff again…but that’s faded just in time for another weekend lol!

    x MMT

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