7 easy Spring crafts for kids for Spring 2023

Now that spring is most definitely here, there are a litany of ways to celebrate with your family. From family picnics to scavenger hunts, the possibilities are endless. There are, though, some rainy days in the spring and what’s a better way to spend a day in than to create some fun family crafts? So get your crafting supplies at the ready! In this article, we are going to take a look at some Spring crafts that are perfect for the whole family to get creative with and enjoy as well.

Paper Flower

Another sign of spring is the flowers popping up out of the ground. While you’re waiting for them to grow, though, you can make some paper flowers of your own. With some construction paper and a popsicle stick, you can have your own garden made up in no time. I favour using a hot glue gun for making these as the elements are less likely to fall off ensuring greater staying power and durability!

This craft is a little open to interpretation – as all good crafts are. The basic concept is that you use a coloured lolly stick as a stem and create the leaves and petals out of construction paper. You can take this craft up a notch by using items like buttons to create the centre of the petals.

Plasticine Craft

Plasticine is a brand of modeling clay and it is rather popular with children. This is, in the most part, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t dry out as you use it, allowing it to be manipulated until your little one has created exactly what they want.

Once again, you can use plasticine to create whatever your mind can come up with. One cute and easy idea is to make a plasticine turtle. Not only does it only take simple shapes in its creation but it gives you a chance to be creative with colours as well.

Felt Bird

For a sweet and fun Spring craft which kids will love you can make a bird out of some felt, stuffing, and a needle and thread. Simply cut out a pair of bird shapes, add some stuffing, and sew them together and add on a felt wing and beak as well.

You can even make this craft a little more personal by adding a custom-made label or tag and marking you are your children’s creation as your own.

Popcorn Tree

If there is one thing that isn’t often used in crafts it is popcorn. However, it does have its unique uses. One of the easiest ways to use it, though, is to make a popcorn tree. To start this project off, simply paint a simple tree trunk and branches on a piece of construction paper.

Instead of painting on leaves, though, glue on popcorn in their place. If you want to add a little more colour, you can add some paint to the popcorn as well.

Postcard Made of Cardboard, Buttons, and Cord

Postcards are something that many people pick up on their trips to commemorate the beautiful landscapes around them. However, you can also create your own, personalized postcards with whatever you want on them. To start, you will just need a piece of cardboard cut down to postcard size – this will be your base.

To decorate it, you can use whatever you want! Our favorite picks, though are to use a combination of cord and buttons to create a spring-themed garden of flowers.

Paper Butterfly Craft

Another easy spring craft is to make your own butterflies. To do this, you will just need a bit of glue, scissors, and a few sheets of different coloured construction paper.

To start, you will want to roll a piece of construction paper into a tube. This creates the body and from there, you can add a pair of wings and antennae and decorate them as you please.

Paper Pinwheel

Finally, we have the paper pinwheel – a perfect edition to any blooming garden. Since you will only need a slender wand and some paper, this craft is rather easy to pull off.

Once again, you might want to consider using bright, playful, spring colours.

So there you have it, seven lovely Spring crafts – one for every day of the week if it’s a rainy one, or one to save up for a rainy day every week. Either way, they are sure to brighten your day.

Which is your favourite craft featured above? Do leave a comment and share.

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