7 healthy snacks for children using Ísey Skyr + #win a £50 Waitrose gift card

healthy snacks for children

Let’s face it, all kids love snacking, but when you’re a busy mum, having a stash of healthy snacks for children at the ready is often the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to juggle a bajillion other things in life. BUT….the thing is that healthy snacks are important as they help to give children the nutrients they need between meals, especially while their tummies are still small can only hold so much at main mealtimes. The good news is that there are plenty of healthy and quick snacks which you can either make with your children, or for your children to build up a supply they can dip into to help the keep going in-between meals.

With that said, today I have teamed up with Ísey Skyr  to share with you seven super easy and pretty quick snacks you can make with their wonderfully luscious dairy product, which is unique to Iceland but is actually having a bit of a moment on our shores.

What’s so great about Ísey Skyr? Well firstly – it’s the real thing.   It’s produced in Iceland, using milk from local farmers across the country against the backdrop of its pristine nature. So think amazing quality Icelandic water and milk, plus no pesticides.

It’s also high in protein, fat free, rich in flavour, a source of calcium and vitamins AND all-natural. It therefore makes the perfect nutritious base for a variety of snacks for children so you can feel absolute zero mum guilt for making and serving these babies up – hurrah! and maybe even give yourself a little fist-bump for doing so by sending some extra calcium and protein their way for healthy growth.

So without further ado, here are seven healthy snacks for children you can make at home using Ísey Skyr!

Frozen banana cups

This is a super quick and easy one to knock up and a great one to have a supply of in the freezer for a healthy, cooling snack (I have to say I also love munching on them too!). Grab one banana, mash it up in a bowl and add a 170g of Ísey Skyr (we used vanilla).

Mix together thoroughly and then pop a dollop each into a cupcake case, place them on a tray that will fit into a freezer (we used a muffin tin because it helped keep the shape in tact), then freeze for a couple of hours until solid. Once frozen, take them out of the cases – you may need to let them stand for a little bit to do this, then bag them up to have on hand for a healthy snack on a hot day or a healthy after dinner treat.

healthy snacks for children

Snow capped granola bars

We love  granola bars in this house, but store bought ones can be laden with sugar so why not have a bash at making them yourself? Simply combine 1 1/2 cups of the rolled oats, 1 cup of rice Krispies and half a cup of natural peanuts in a bowl. Heat 1 cup of smooth peanut butter and 1/2 cup of honey together slightly in a smaller bowl either in the microwave or over small pan of boiling water so that it’s melty. Then, pour the mixture over the oats and peanuts and mix thoroughly until combined. Press the mixture into a 9 x 9 inch tin, freezing for bars for half an hour so set, then cutting into bars.

While the mixture is setting,  mix 1/4 cup of Ísey Skyr with a tablespoon of peanut butter for the coating and coat the bars with it and leave to set. It’s as simple as that!

Ice lollies

Ice lollies are a heaven-send in summer and the kids go wild for them! I also love them because at your absolute laziest, all you need to do is fill up your favourite moulds with some Ísey Skyr (we love the strawberry and blueberry flavours for this), then pop it in the freezer. If you’re feeling more adventurous and have a little more time you can whizz up some fresh strawberries (or fruit of your choice) inside. The perfect after dinner treat! You can also see my post on additional ice lolly ideas here for more ice lolly inspo.

healthy snacks for children

Peach donuts

Seeing as peaches are now in season it would be rude not to include peach donuts as a snacking option.  And the great thing about these donuts is that they come with a zero guilt (unlike the real deal) – hurrah! They are also super easy to make. All you need to do is halve the peach to core it, then cut into slices. Freeze the slices for 30 minutes, then dip in Ísey Skyr, pop on a line baking tray that will fit into your freezer, and sprinkle with whatever toppings you fancy – think granola, nuts, sprinkles  – you get the picture!

Fruit pizzas

All hail the rice cake! Although children these days seem to have a modern day love affair with rice cakes, have you ever thought of making them into a healthy pizza? I bet not! This is super easy to do, and makes a great healthy snack. All you need to do is mix together 1/2 cup Ísey Skyr, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of honey.  Spread the mix over the rice cakes, and decorate with topping of your choice – bananas, blueberries, grapes, apples, strawberries are all great – you could even go for some granola or make some funny faces which I have a bit of an obsession with…

healthy snacks for children

Frozen strawberry bark

Another awesome frozen treat to keep in your back pocket (or freezer) for when the littles are begging for a snack. All you need to do for this is mix up 1 cups of Ísey Skyr, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1/4 cup strawberries and 1/4 cup blueberries. Spoon into a baking tray that will fit into your freezer lined with baking paper and freeze overnight. Break up into pieces to serve!

Fruit fondue

A healthier rendition of the usual chocolate variation, this one is the perfect summer cousin which also happens to be healthier too! Simply mix 1 1/2 cup of Ísey Skyr (we loved using the strawberry one for this!) with another 1/4 cup of milk of your choice, cut up a selection of fruit like apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, pop them on some skewers and now for the fun part – time to get dipping!

healthy snacks for children

As you can see all of the above make great healthy snacks for children and are perfect for after school snack demands to keep them going until dinner, or as a healthy treat after dinner time.

Ísey Skyr is available at Waitrose in the following flavours: Blueberry, Vanilla, and Strawberry (170g pots). Ísey Skyr also available at selected Aldi UK stores in the following flavours: Blueberry, Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango (170g pots). Natural Ísey Skyr is available in 1kg tubs at Costco.

 healthy snacks for children

Find out where to buy Ísey Skyr here

And now for the exciting part! I’ve teamed up with Ísey Skyr for a chance to win a £50 Waitrose gift card to spend on Ísey Skyr and other ingredients to help you make some of the healthy snacks featured above.

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Which of the above healthy snacks for children do you like the sound of the most? And which are you tempted to try? Do leave a comment and share below.

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  1. This looks great! Even as an adult i’m still very keen on frozen banana, especially during the current hot Summer we are having at the moment.

  2. oh my gosh those frozen banana bites look delicious! We have a lady at our slimming world who loves this and talks about it every week! lol

  3. Our grandsons will love the fruit kebabs. They are very much into healthy food cos their parents have ensured it limiting sugar and the form it is given in

  4. I love the sound of the Snow capped granola bars. these would be great for packed lunch boxes and I could even slip in some little pieces of fruit too

  5. The peach donuts sound amazing
    …my daughter loves cakes and especially donuts so a healthier version would be fabulous !

  6. Truth be told I much rather prepare my own snacks. Maybe add some yogurt but not always necessary. Just smash some fruit and NO bread.

  7. I love these ideas, I follow slimming world plan and love to try new different healthy snacks, my kids would love these too

  8. The fruit pizzas look fab, my children would enjoy them and could help make them which is always a bonus as they like eating things they have made themselves, the ice lollies also sound great xxx

  9. These are snacks I want to have myself! I always lean into junk food when I’m peckish I could really really really be more healthy!

  10. I love the food ideas you created with this. It looks delicious. My favourite has to be the granola bars. I must look out for these in the shop

  11. Love the snow capped granola – a lovely twist on a healthy treat, especially for fans of the film ‘Frozen’ 😉

  12. Frozen banana cups – so much healthier than ice cream but they’d be a delicious way to help the whole family cool down in the heat

  13. Looks like we’re all ready to go ahead and make some yummy and healthy snacks for our littles then! If you decide to make any of the above I’d love to hear how you get on x

    • I’ve lost the second half of my comment! (the why!) I particularly like them because I love frozen banana anyway, and adding skyr to them would just take them up to another level (drooling at the thought :)) – and they’re so easy to make!

  14. We eat a lot of yogurt in our house so frozen yogurt ice lollies would be a hit for us! Healthy and refreshing during hot summer days as well.

  15. my kids love bananas so im sure they would love the frozen banana cups. some really good ideas for healthy snacks here.

  16. I love the sound of the peach donuts. Peaches are my son’s favourite fruit and these look so easy to make and with the added bonus of being healthy too.

  17. The frozen banana would be great. However am.going to try most of the others…variety is the spice of life for my little ones

  18. I think we’d all love the ice lollies – even the dog would love one! They look easy enough for me to make and the kids would be pleased I had given them something edible for a change!!

  19. The ice lollies. My Granddaughter is always asking for an ice lolly & these would be so much healthier for her.

  20. Love these ideas ideal for adults aswell as kids frozen grapes are another fab idea i prefer them to normal grapes. my fav idea is Snow capped granola bars, i love granola bars so making them myself sounds much cheaper and healthier

  21. Always looking for new and inspirational ideas to feed my family! I struggle with the same old dishes week in and out

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