7 tips for keeping your phone safe while travelling

The summer holidays are almost upon us, and for lots of us that means exciting travel plans. But if you’re anything like me, you’re usually only minutes away from potentially losing your phone. And when you’re travelling that’s really the last thing you need – nightmare! With that said, here are some tips for keeping your phone safe while travelling. You’ll see that quite a lot of it is about preparation as much as being vigilant while travelling.

Keeping your phone safe while travelling – things to do before you leave

Back up everything before leaving

Okay, so this one might not actually be keeping your hardware safe. But in case you do lose your phone while you’re travelling, backing up everything before leaving will at least ensure you do not lose all those precious photos and years worth of contacts on there.

Invest in a phone case

When you’re out and about while travelling, the chances of you dropping your phone are wayyyy higher. Phone cases are necessary for protecting your phones especially if you are prone to dropping them. Said she who knows!

Look for a phone case with shock-absorbing technology and that uses high-grade materials. I love the range of cases from GVIEWIN, which are durable, come in some lovely designs and are good value too.

Their cases are designed to be resistant to drop, with raised lips edges to protect the screen and camera of your phone. The shockproof soft shell case is easy to install and take off. Plus they feature fortified corners and precise cutouts for speaker, screen, camera and ports – unlike some others on the market!

keeping your phone safe while travelling

Ensure all passwords and bio-metric security functions are enabled

These security features are there for a reason. Forget to install them and you will regret it! Password protection and bio-metric security functions if you have them are the first line of defence in protecting your phone and the data within if your phone is lost or stolen

Download and TURN ON tracking apps

There are so many tracking apps you can download these days in case your phone gets lost or stolen. But they only work if they are turned on! You know what to do…..

Get covered

Travel insurance exists for a reason. You may have been lucky in the past, but you just never know when you need it. Travel insurance is not only super important for health and medical cover when you’re away. But unless you can afford to buy a new phone outright if you happen to lose yours or it gets stolen, then you’ll be wanting some travel insurance for peace of mind. Be sure to check that phones are covered!

Keeping your phone safe while travelling – things to do while you’re away

Never leave it lying around…anywhere!

Yes you might be feeling all relaxed and happy sitting in a restaurant a million miles from home at a family friendly destination. Sure, your hotel room may feel secure and the staff delightful. But all it takes is a second for someone to swipe your phone off a table or surface. Keep your phone hidden away from view and create a habit of always putting it your hotel safe whenever you leave it in the room – just like you would do with your purse or wallet.

Don’t keep it in your back pocket

It’s so tempting to stuff your phone in your back pocket in a moment of haste when you need a free hand. Big mistake! Your back pocket is most definitely the most pick-pocketable area on your being. Put your phone in your back pocket, and be ready to kiss it goodbye if the wrong person spots if there.

I hope you found these tips for keeping your phone safe while travelling. Remember, holidays are there to be enjoyed and the above will save you a LOT of headache. Why not also read these tips for staying safe abroad this year?

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*This is a collaborative post


  1. Fab tips. I’ve started buying clothes without pockets so I’m not tempted to put it in my pocket haha! A good case can be a lifesaver when it comes to phones. We spend so much money on them it’s daft not to protect them

  2. I’ve broken so many screens by not having a case on my phone. I think every time has been while travelling, thinking about it. Juggling bags, trying to get photos, it’s a recipe for disaster

  3. I can’t count the times I’ve ha nearly freaked out when I lost my phone on a family vacation. I’ll definintly use some of these tips next time we travel, so I can focus on having fun instead of my phone all the time.

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