7 unique and personalised gifts for the home

personalised gifts for the home

Looking for a housewarming gift? Or maybe something special to gift someone for their birthday or Christmas? It can be a total nightmare trying to think of a gift for the person that seemingly has everything. That’s why I’m a big fan of personalised gifts which make such lovely additions to a home. With that said today I’ve teamed up with Wanapix – the online shop for personalised gifts – to share some inspiration on awesome personalised gifts for the home.

Photo cushions

The perfect way to make your photos huggable, a photo cushion makes a great addition to any sofa, chair or bed. Put a favourite pet or your children on a cushion and they can be hugged whenever without trying to escape!

personalised gifts for the  home


When it comes to personalised gifts for the home, a personalised blanket is right up there as my favourite. There is something just so lovely about being all snuggled up on a sofa or on the bed in pictures of the people, places, memories or pets you love during the colder months.

A personalised blanket could also be the perfect addition to picnics during the warmer months. We have a personalised blanket not too disimilar to the one below and I love it so much that I really hope that it will become an heirloom one day.

personalised gifts for the  home


A personalised towel makes a great addition to any bathroom and beats a boring old towel any day. Imagine being reminded of your happy holiday every time you step out of your shower – bliss! But they are also great for beach days, poolside action and days out in the garden with the paddling pool.


A personalised tablecloth adorned with photos or a custom design is perfect for starting a new tradition at dinner time or for special occasions like Christmas. You never know…it might even help people get to the table quicker when you call them for dinner!

personalised gifts for the  home

Shower curtain

For those who love to dream, a personalised shower curtain is a unique and fun way of bringing memories and designs into the home. A shower curtain could be elegant or humourous depending on who the gift is for, and can really help to give an overall new look to a bathroom.


I’ve had my eye on a personalised doormat for a while and think this would make such a great gift and addition to a home. Surely these have to be the perfect way to create a welcoming entrance to a house!?

Duvet covers

I’m pretty sure that snuggling down for the night under a duvet covered with your own personalised pattern can only lead to sweet dreams. The ultimate in personalised gifts for the home!

personalised gifts for the  home

So if you are fed up of buying the same old type of gifts as presents or not knowing what to buy for other people, why not get creative and instead give one of the above personalised gifts for the home from Wanapix?

Which of the gifts mentioned above do you love the sound of? Do share in a comment below.


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