7 ways with yummy pancakes

Yummy pancakes

It’s time to confess – I have officially become a pancake addict. In pursuit of the perfect yummy pancake (in taste, not look I hasten to add), I have experimented with pancake recipes left right and centre. I now know which combos officially rock, and which suck. Bad news for anyone want to eat a Paleo pancake – you won’t find one on here (they don’t work out so well I’m afraid). But thankfully these ones do! And so now over to my pancake obsession…and seven yummy ways with pancakes – one for every day of the week!

Chocolate avocado pancakes

I know what you’re thinking, avocado in a pancake? Am I crazy? But seriously, not only is this is an incredible way to fool your family and fussy eaters into eating avocados for breakfast, it also tastes truly decadent. Don’t believe me, try out this recipe from Mother Thyme which is my go-to.

Applesauce pancakes

One a more traditional tip, there is a reason why applesauce pancakes have been pleasing foodies for eons. Quite simply, they are delicious and a real crowd pleaser. For a fool-proof recipe, of course, good old Martha Stewart has these absolutely perfected as far as I’m concerned.

Pear pancakes

Here’s the thing about pears, they make the lightest pancakes of them all and are therefore way up on my list of must-have pancake ingredients, and the fam would have to agree. You can with substitute pear puree for apple sauce in the above recipe of try out this one from Teeny Tiny Foodie.

Plum pancakes

Although this is one of my Autumn faves, with lots of delicious new season plums popping up in the shops, now is the time to start experimenting with plum pancakes too! These tend of make a denser pancake but delicious all the same – my trusty recipe for this one comes from The Good Karma Kitchen.

Sweet potato pancakes

Hmmm what to do with last night’s left over sweet potato mash when you’re currently suffering from mum brain? This. I have troubles getting sweet potato into the little one, so this is a great way of sneaking in one of the world’s healthiest foods in a breakfast of champions. It’s super filling, creamy and the perfect way to power up for the day ahead. I love this recipe over at All Recipes.

Popeye pancakes

Another eye-raising entry, I know you’re probably laughing in my face right now at the idea of anyone eating spinach in your family, but seriously, this’ll do it! Personally, I think the banana in this recipe  by Love and Duck Fat does a good job of lessening the spinach blow, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also throw in some blended up blueberries too.

Peanut butter and banana

We are total peanut butter nuts in this house (excuse the pun!), and any excuse to include some PB in anything is warmly welcome. Also added to the fact that it’s a great way to power up with some protein in the morning. Pop over to Fake Ginger for some of that.

Are you a pancake lover? What are your fave pancake recipes? Leave a little comment and let’s have a pancake love in!


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