8 fun decor ideas for children’s bedrooms

decor ideas for children's bedrooms
Time to reinvent your sproglet’s room? There are so many ways to decorate your kids’ room and it doesn’t have to be fabulously fancy or wallet-spankingly costly (phew!). All it takes is a little bit of your creative mind and some affordable materials  that you can use. Check out these ideas for some inspo:

Photo wall

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Photo by Travis Isaac / CC BY 2.0

Fill a bare wall with your kids’ childhood memories captured on photos! A photo wall collage of carefully selected family photos will be a great visual reminder for your children that they’re part of an awesome family.

Top tip – if you want your kids’ photos to look vibrant, have them printed in lightweight yet durable metal with various shapes and finishes to choose from.


Mini art gallery

Instead of just keeping your kids’ masterpieces in a drawer, why not frame their artworks and hang them on an empty corner in their room? Even if they’re as simple as stickman or basic shape drawings, creating a mini art gallery in your children’s room will let the littles know that you’re proud of their work.

One of the things we should do to unleash our kids’ potential is to show interest on the things that they are passionate in. This way, you can encourage them in whatever creative path they want to take.


Patterned sheets

decor ideas for children's bedroomsMake your kids’ room more fun and interesting to stay in by playing with colours. Use patterned sheets or bright-coloured duvets that can keep your children warm at night. With a bed that’s both fun and comfy, your kids can easily get a good night’s sleep.


Handmade paper wall art

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Photo by Melina Hermsen / CC BY-NC 2.0

If you’re feeling crafty, decorate your kids’ room with handmade creations! Use cute paper-made crafts like DIY paper hot air balloons, pantone-coloured banderitas, or origami flowers made of Japanese papers. Get your kids involved in designing their room with paper crafts, so you can ask for their suggestions and achieve the look they want.


Chalkboard-painted wall

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Photo by currystrumpet / CC BY-SA 2.0

Make your kids’ wall a space where they can show their creativity. Cover it up with chalkboard wall paint and let creativity flow inside the room! It might even turn into a place where you leave good morning and good night messages for your littles!


Awesome lighting

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Photo by jGregor / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Pick a lighting fixture for your kids’ room in their favorite character or shape. You can even use string lights for a dreamy ambiance. For night lights, find something that glows in the dark and stick it on the ceiling. A fab way to foster your kids’ imagination.


Colourful shelves

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Ordinary shelves are so blah! Make shelves the eye-candy in your kids’ room by picking out geometrically shaped ones or painting them in bright colours.  If you don’t want to let go of the current shelves in your kids’ room, decorate them with cute washi tapes.


Alphabet wall

decor ideas for children's bedrooms

Photo by Tim Moreillon / CC BY-SA 2.0

Make your kids’ room a place where learning is fun. If they’re just starting to learn their alphabet, devote a space on the wall that they can use to review their ABCs. Get creative! Your kids’ alphabet wall can be decorated with animals that stand for each letter or creative letter blocks that can be hung on the wall.

Decorating your kids’ room doesn’t have to cost you a lot because you can create some of the decors yourself. All it takes is your creativity to unfold with the cute helping hands and imagination of your children. Got some tips or ideas of your own? Please do leave them in a comment below?

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  1. I have something similar to the butterflys in Boos room, just to break up the block pain colour, it’s so effective. There are so many options to make kids rooms a bit special these days, and why not they are children and it’s their space.

  2. I really need to redo both my kids rooms. Some great ideas here. I am not that good at coming up with creative stuff, I will admit!

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