8 things mums really want for Valentine’s Day

Things Mums Really Want for Valentine's Day
What does a mum really want for Valentine’s Day? You might be scratching your head, and tearing your hear out about what to get the lady of your life, what could possibly satisfy her??! but the answers are actually simpler than you think. Here are eight things I reckon most mums would be pretty chuffed to be given this Valentine’s Day aka. 8 things mums really want for Valentine’s Day.


Not just sexy underwear, but a bra that actually fits her shrivelled three -sizes-down boobs post-baby. Oh and a magic wand to leave us looking something like this when we’re in it.

What mums really want for Valentine's Day

2. A lie in

And not with “something” pressing against her back whilst doing so. A proper lie in, with nobody bothering her, at all.

3. Wine

Don’t bother with a fancy bottle. What we really want is wine on tap, so we can literally plug in and play. Preferably something that looks as ridiculous as this. Yum.

What mums want for Valentine's Day

4. Chocolates

Not some rubbish Milk Tray. We want full on orgasmic chocolates please. You know, the artisan kind.

5. Dinner

You don’t need to bother even taking us out for dinner…literally just cook it all and do all the washing up…preferably with a butler that looks like this thrown into the mix.

Things Mums want for Mother's Day

6. Sex

Not “quick they are about to wake up” sex or “urgh! my belly is too full from dinner” sex. But proper long drawn out languorous sex – with a full prelude of foreplay please.

7. Flowers

Don’t bother buying us any. We have serious brown thumb. We need an in-house florist who will actually be able to provide us with flowers and then keep them alive!

8. Some quality time

With herself. Not her loved one. Not her kids. Just her. Preferably in a swanky hotel room somewhere with some noise cancelling headphones or on top of a mountain like this.


Do you think maybe someone could just get it right this Valentine’s Day?

Anything else you would add to this list?


  1. Ha, this is totally what I want for Valentine’s! Although you missed Tom Hardy off the list…a lie in with Tom Hardy even. I wouldn’t mind ‘something’ being pressed against my back then but only if I was wearing the sexy underwear that makes me look like a goddess. Sending this to my hubby for ideas!! #coolmumclub
    abirose1 recently posted…New Theme: RevelarMy Profile

  2. Oh yes all of those please, especially the lie in. I would actually quite like a fitbit too but I guess that’s not really much of a valentines gift even though it’s something I really want. I mean it’s not a very romantic gift is it lol. Maybe I’m better off wiating until my birthday for one of those?

    Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub 🙂
    Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods) recently posted…A Rare Diagnosis (15q11.2 Deletion)My Profile

  3. haha see this is realistic lol. Wine on a tap sounds awesome :P. A interrupted bath wouldn’t go a miss either xx #coolmumclub

  4. Fantastic post! So spot on, especially with the lie in one…. What I wouldn’t give to sleep till about 11 in the morning and not have to worry. #coolmumclub


  5. Yee ha to the lie-in and vat of wine! All fingers crossed for dinner and posh chocs too. Just let’s tell them to read your blog (although could you edit out the s&x for a langourous bath and an early night for me please?! xx #coolmumclub
    Helen recently posted…February Bucket ListMy Profile

  6. All of the above. I need that mountain! With chocolate. And wine. And food that I haven’t had to cook or subsequently clean off the kitchen floor / highchair. And sleep. Just sleep.

    I hope that the Valentine Gods are kind to you this year x

    Thanks for hosting.
    Rhyming with Wine recently posted…Hoodwinked!My Profile

    • Thanks for all the comments everybody! Right so then let’s print this out and stick this on our fridges (perhaps censored tho lol) to make sure we’re all on the same page lol!

  7. Fab list, I’ll be happy with anything really but valentines tends to be a disappointment, he just never remembers and if I have to remind that’s half the magic gone! haha
    Nat recently posted…Time to Talk.My Profile

  8. A decent partner to share it with! (Single parent here).
    A whole child free day…long lie in
    …chilled day without worrying what mischief my little man is upto.
    the cooked meal with washing up sounds excellent!
    A bubble bath run….chocolate yes alcohol yes.
    thismummylark recently posted…Single…evenings…ME time.My Profile

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