A guide to finding part time jobs for mums

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 So you’ve been standing on the sidelines for a while, but you want to start working again? It might seem like a huge leap, but with some time and focus there are a whole host of different job possibilities out there to uncover, that provide you with enough flexibility to work from home, not from a desk. Or, work part-time with a minimum of hours required.

So how can you get started? In this guide we break down the pathway to finding part time jobs for mums:

Update your resume ..or your Linkedin Account

Yes, it might be a little bit old fashioned; however, some people still use the CV as the main point of reference. Your CV is the first contact you have with your potential employer. Be specific, avoid cliches and go by the ‘brief and amazing’ rule. Adapt your CV to the job requirements, and make sure to reflect your best qualities. If a cover letter is needed, use it as a means to shine bright.

Some employees will be more easily reached on your Linkedin Account instead. So be sure to update and let it sell your skills set because innovative companies tend to rely on a LinkedIn account prior to asking for a formal CV, which is where you can be more creative in giving people a tour of your career.

Research, Search, Research

Everything is on the internet. You just have to find the right pages, and the right publications that direct you to the different options and vacancies that fulfil your requirements of flexibility.

Do your research on their working hours, the way they treat their current employers, rules and conditions, location, expertise. Be sure to also investigate potential employers on social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – you can understand a lot for a corporate based on their online activity.

Look for remote jobs

Your search style changes slightly if what you’re looking for are the best remote jobs that both pay well and leave you enough time to take care of the toddlers around the house. Freelance jobs consist mainly of writing, editing, PR and marketing, virtual assistance, data entry or online tutoring.

If you’re looking for a change in field,  search for job listings that provide you with a relatively low income initially but from which you will be able to get experience, and create a reputation.

Define your talent and use it

If you have a lot of patience, you are good at explaining ideas, and you think you are knowledgeable enough to be try, then you may want to explore tutoring. Private tutoring on languages, and different subjects  allows you to arrange somewhat a convenient time to work along with your student, while still leaving you enough time for family life.

Sell yourself. Let people know you can help them out and reach out for people who are looking forward to improving their language skills or their maths grades. You’ll be thanked, paid and happy.

Don’t undermine traditional networking

It’s all about who you know. If you found a company that is hiring people, and you have friends or acquaintances who work there, hit them up, with no hesitation. Ask them about the chances of getting a reference from them to their superior, or even have you meet up with him personally to discuss the possibilities. There is no shame in letting people know about your willingness to work.

Be confident

Do not let the fear of having had an employment gap freak you out. Mothers gain a lot of professional qualities while taking care of their children. They become better at problem-solving, multi-tasking, long-term planning, negotiating and damage limitation!

So go through a position’s listings and requirements, and be confident when reaching out to potential recruiters. Prove to them that you are very serious about making a huge come back into working life and that you will be able to fulfil their expectations better than anyone else.

If you appear intimidated and insecure,  companies will be less likely want to negotiate on the level of flexibility, so do not compromise and risk finding  yourself working long hours while a part-time job was what you were looking for instead.

We hope you find these tips useful and if you’re looking to return to work and find a part time job remember….

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Ujëbardha Bekolli is a writer for mother-works.com. MotherWorks is a job portal designed to bring together stay at home mums and recruiters. The platform also brings helpful articles in the blog section for mothers who want to return to the workforce.



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