A mother’s ode to caffeine

Half awake woman cradling a mug of coffee

This morning, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I was starved of caffeine. It was scary, my world was shaken, and I just had to do something to deal with the post traumatic stress. Well, we all know that blogging is as good as therapy, and so I wrote this Mother’s Ode to Caffeine….take it away maestro:

Oh caffeine, how I’ve loved you so

You’ve been there every day

You clear the cobwebs from my brain

And blow the fuggy clouds away

Each morn, you are my saviour

As I awake with zombie drool

Because there’s no rest for the wicked – or us mums

Thank heavens I have you

You autopilot breakfast

Nappy change, and then some too

And make sure I am semi-intelligible

When I need to talk to other mums like you

Truth be told I have taken you for granted

Over the months and years

And this morning when I needed you the most

You where nowhere, far or near

The consequences were diabolical

A swamp monster, I became

Waving my arms in a quandary

As toddler rage seeped into my brain

I just could not function without you

That much is very clear

And so every morning I shall do a little happy dance

That you, my friend, are near

Are you a total mess without your morning caffeine fix?

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  1. Brilliant! I couldn’t drink coffee when I was pregnant, I felt too ill. When I went back to drinking it the caffeine blew my mind. I almost couldn’t handle it! It’s taken me a while to get used to it but I now have my obligatory cup every morning! #TwinklyTuesday

    • Haha I was exactly the same – let’s just say it felt like something a whole lot stronger on occasion! Sometimes even now I feel like I’ve taken it a bit too far on the caffeine front haha..

  2. Haha I love this. I have been avoiding coffee since our youngest got to 7 months. I’m about to start night-shifts though soon and I know it will be my best friend. We need a new caffetierre x thanks for sharing #sharewithme

  3. Yes, that is definitely me without caffeine! Thanks for the laugh!

    Visiting from the Lets Talk Mommy blog hop

  4. Funny, funny, funny. I think I’m the only mother out there who doesn’t do caffeine (except in chocolate form). Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  5. Excellent! haha! Couldn’t imagine my life without caffeine! Had to drink tea when I breastfed it’s my morning fix. Did wonder if it was the cause for my little one not sleeping!!! Thanks for linking with #wineandboobs

  6. This is brilliant! I too am a caffeine dependant mummy! Would be lost without the stuff! Thanks for linking up to the #MMWBH πŸ™‚

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