How to secure sponsored blog posts (a newbie’s guide)

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Recently I’ve been asked by a couple of fellow bloggers for blogging tips and tricks about working with brands on sponsored blog posts. Truth be told, I am by no means an expert in this field, but I have notched up a few sponsored blog posts and with the sentiment that knowledge is power in mind, thought I would share with you my blogging tips and tricks from my journey of working with brands on sponsored blog post thus far.

Be confident in your own blog first

The bottom line is when working with brands, you need to be confident. And in order to be confident, you need to be confident of your blog and knowing your worth, and that – in my view – means two things 1) Great content and 2) Good stats. If you already feel you have number 1, but not there yet with number 2, my advice would be to hold out until your stats have increased a little bit. For me, that was when I got to 2,500 unique users a month but for many brands, that is nowhere near enough still.

Ask around for advice

I remember being so utterly clueless a few months ago, feeling ready to take the next step, but not knowing how. If you have a blogging buddy who has already worked on sponsored posts, then reach out to them to find out how they did it. I have the lovely Mama Mim to thank for her pearls of wisdom which got me kickstarted (thank you lovely for helping me take the plunge!). Other bloggers, if they are worth their salt, are usually only too happy to help you make the leap.

Connect with the brands you love

You know what sells? Authenticity, passion and knowledge. The best thing you can do is think of all the brands you have used, rated and rather loved during your time as a mother. When you contact them, first off – tell them that you love them and why. Tell them that you want to shout it from the rooftops! Your ambassadorship for those brands starts right from the very first moment you reach out to them.

How to connect?

My biggest word of advice is shout loud! Seriously, brands are so busy they do not have time to keep tabs on every single blogger out there, and there are A LOT of bloggers out there. If you want it – you need to get yourself out there. As a newbie, reaching out to brands can seem like a daunting task. For me, so far success has come from the following:

Reaching out to them on Twitter

A cheeky but direct Tweet or DM can go a long way….

Connecting on blogger-brand networks

Some you may want to check out are: The Blogger Programme, Netmums Blogging Network Reviews, BritMums Professional and Nuffnang and stay tapped into the Facebook group UK Parent Bloggers and Blog PR for any opportunities that come up there too.

To date, I actually haven’t been able to convert any inward enquiries from PRs although on receiving a press release it’s always a good idea to have a punt – however truth be told most seem to have no budget for sponsored blog posts although I do know of many bloggers who do manage to secure sponsored blog posts this way – perhaps they are saving all their budget for them and their traffic!

Have a media kit

Media kits are your calling card. Everything that a brand needs to know about you, your blog, your vital statistics and what you can bring to the table in one nice, rather lovely looking, tidy document. So what should a media kit include? In my humble opinion, at the very least, this:

About the author

Your experience, why you’re great, what you can bring to the table yadda yadda

About your blog

What it’s about, why it’s awesome, where else your posts have been featured

Your stats

Monthly unique page views, monthly unique users, social media stats, TOTs ranking, domain authority, google rankings etc

How they can work with you

Sponsored blog posts, reviews, freelance writing, brand’s up to you!

Price list

Price breakdown for sponsored posts, ad space etc.

How to get in touch


Pitch some ideas

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to think outside of the box. Product reviews are two-a-penny; if you can think of a way to convey the product to your readers in a more unique way then go for it. It always helps to bring something to the table when talking to brands, and your ideas should be that something!

Know it’s a numbers game

Don’t be disheartened by knock backs or radio silence – there are a lot of factors for brands to consider when thinking about whether to take up a sponsored blog post – whether you are a good fit, if your reach is great enough, if they have any budget left or if they spent it all with someone else, the time of the year and so on. Don’t take it personally and know that you are likely going to have to approach quite a few brands before something eventually sticks.

Wise up about do-follow links

Another thing that I, as a newbie, was totally clueless to. If you are going to start on the sponsored blog post journey, you need to wise up about whole no-follow/do-follow rigmarole which is essentially about passing on link juice to mentioned links…or not. You may have heard this in passing and wondered what on earth it’s all about. I’m not going to explain here – you can read this instead.

But know that if you are going to be going down the route of sponsored posts, you need to consider whether it’s worth the price someone is offering. There is an alleged risk that Google penalizes you for allowing paid for links on your site. Although I am yet to find someone who actually HAS been, most bloggers agree it is not worth the risk and damage it can do to your blog for a small amount of money, and sometimes not at all. Thankfully there are various plug ins if you are self hosted which allow you to manage the whole do-follow/no-follow balance. Check them out here.

Are you just starting out working with brands on sponsored posts? Or are you a veteran with some advice to add to the above? Let’s help our blog community and share and inspire!


  1. Thanks Talya! I literally just installed a no follow link plug-in after reading this. I have to confess, I STILL don’t really understand it all, but I do get it’s bad. I’m wondering whether I need to go back and ‘no follow’ every link on my site? Or is it only bad for sponsored links? #STILLCONFUSED! x

    • I agree!!! I’ve read and read about this, and I STILL. DON’T. GET. IT!!!! But I did go through and make every link on my site nofollow, just in case. I either need it to be illegal to do it, or 100% ok, I can’t live with this grey area!

  2. Great tips here and I think the first point is the best – be confident in your own blog, write it, build the following, grow the views and the sponsored posts will come x

  3. Thanks so much! Really helpful post! I think nofollow/dofollow is definitely something every blogger should know about.

    It’s funny as I have been on the ‘other side,’ working at an advertising agency checking blogger media packs for various brands. My advice would be to work on SEO as much as possible because, most of the time, big name brands are only looking at your stats. They are also interested in number of followers through various social media channels, it helps to have a following on a few different channels…the main ones being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but the more the merrier!

    Last thing, and this may be something you already know, but there are companies I would work with (agency side) like Mode Media ( who have a network of bloggers and brands they work with, so if you’re looking to do sponsored posts you could join Mode and they will connect you with brands who want blogger advertising (or as brands and agencies like to call it ‘native advertising’).

  4. I am in sponsored hell at the moment. I was approached a while back by a company wanting to place an article on my site with links. I’ve checked the links out and they seem genuine enough linking to relevant sites that match the content of the article I’m being asked to run on my site (the fact the article is totally pants and could be better written by a 10yo is worrying too!). I’m seeing all these warnings including on the post you linked to saying don’t place follow links on your site but this is what I don’t get: WHY would a company pay me to place an article with links on my site that do NOT follow back to the source?! From everything digital marketers say, Google doesn’t penalise you if the links are genuine. #confused

    • I say pick your battles – if it’s worth what they are offering you then lots of other people go with it. Just don’t bother with the small fry…it is mind boggling ! x

  5. This is such a helpful post! I am such a newbie to the blogging world and it is way more complicated than I thought, thank god for lovely people like yourself willing to help☺️ X

  6. Thank you so much for this great advice. I was contacted for the first time by an ad agent yesterday and I’ve mostly just sat blinking at the screen ever since as I have no idea what to do next! I will probably read this about another 20 x over the coming weeks…

    Dawn x

  7. Brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve only just started blogging but I have some ideas for a new blog and would love to connect with brands. I’ll be saving this post in my favourites. Thanks! #coolmumclub

  8. Thanks lovely. Really useful. I have requested to join those 2 facebook groups and am already on the blogger programme but going to look at the others!


  9. Great post , really useful. Now to keep building my blog so that I can start contacting companies! Did you start out doing free reviews for products or have you always asked for a fee? Thanks for this, Sarah xx

  10. Great advice, thanks! I am starting to be approached now for affiliate work and I´m curious, as I don´t have a lot of followers but I do have a lot of traffic coming to my blog, having reached 27,000 hits in the year I´ve been blogging. What is more important to these companies, your followers or these stats? Thanks for any advice

  11. Such a helpful post, I’m nowhere near to looking at sponsored posts yet, but hopefully in the future this will be a post I’ll definitely be looking back at for tips 🙂 #coolmumclub

  12. Thanks for this, I found it really interesting and as a newbie blogger who eventually would like to go pro, a little daunting. I’ve made some notes though for future reference and subscribed to your page. Popping by via #coolmumclub

  13. Thanks for the tips. I am still too new to it all to understand them all, but every little thing I absorb helps. Mamma Mim has helped me too as have The anxious Dragon, Agent Spitback and a Cornish Mum blog amongst others. What an amazing community! xxx

  14. I’m so glad I found this post! I’m fairly new so think I need to build up a following first but interesting for future reference. I was approached by a sponsored blog agency today and it seems easy money to me but I need to understand this whole linking thing!! #coolmumclub

  15. Great tips, and I’ve also put my foot down at writing for do-follow links, only last week. I was quite excited as it would have been my first sponsored post, but hey-ho I’m not risking it. Maybe in the future for the right price, when I’ve many more no-follow links to decrease the proportion… I’m off to check out those facebook groups now. Thanks for such brilliant tips x

  16. This post was very insightful, although I’m still a little lost on the dofollow stuff. I feel like there is a lot I don’t understand. I am trying to find ways to drive more traffic to my blog just not sure how. Thanks for sharing #coolmumclub

  17. Great tips, even though I’ve been blogging for a while, I still found these really useful. I love reading others bloggers tips to see how they approach certain things. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 Emily #coolmumclub

  18. Such a useful post – thank you! I’m still at the beginning of this journey. It is such hard work but I’m slowly making very small progress (I think!) but I guess only time will tell. Thanks for the tips x #coolmumclub

  19. I love your advice posts, I’ve learnt so much from them, and this is another great example. Definitely taking these tips on board! Thanks for your help and for hosting #coolmumclub 🙂

  20. Great advice here hun. I’ve only just started down the path of sponsored posts. It’s good to have more experienced bloggers to ask as I was totally clueless & still am. The follow / do follow is a tricky one all right. Thanks so much for hosting #coolmumclub

  21. This is really useful! I will save and share. I’m starting to be contacted by people wanting sponsored posts, and I haven’t a clue how much to charge etc, so I feel totally out of my depth…!!

  22. Thanks for this, I found it really interesting. I am a LONG way off this stage yet but interested to know what I need to do in the future. thanks for sharing #coolmumclub

  23. This is some really good advice, I had no idea about no-follow links and have now installed this on my blog. You’re right about confidence, I’m a new blogger and have approached some big brands I’d like to work with outlining what we could do together and have had some positive responses so far. #coolmumclub

  24. Great tips Talya – you’ve literally just scared the hell out of me about no follow links and I’ve literally just installed the plugin. Funnily enough I had someone contact me today asking for a follow link with no disclaimer – I will be rejecting ha! I’m with Sarah MMT though -still pretty confused, is it just for the sponsored links? It’s really interesting hearing about how other bloggers get their sponsored posts – I’d say 50% of mine to date have been from PR conversions. Others have been direct approaches for guest posts etc. I haven’t had much luck at all with the blogger-brand networks so far. Creating a media kit has been on my to do list for ever – you’ve just prompted me again! x #coolmumclub

  25. So pleased you all found this helpful. I don’t have a hard and fast answer on the do-follow link questions you guys have been asking as there seems to be a lot of variety here on what people choose to do…I think perhaps we need an expert interview on here to get the absolute bottom line of this what do you think?

    • Have been quizzing my digital marketing husband on do-follow links, and he was the WORST at trying to explain it! Bless him. Considering he’d been thinking about going into becoming an SEO trainer, I told him he needed to work on his explanations! Really useful post. I’m a ridiculously new blogger but things seem to be going well and strangely have already had two companies interested in giving me items for review. Being confident is so key – I already feel like I’m apologising too much for being new and this isn’t probably the best tone to set!

      Thanks! #coolmumclub

  26. This is so helpful Talya, and yes an expert interview would be amazing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in plain English! x #coolmumclub

  27. This is great for newbies like me thank you <3 I've had two companies approach me so far which I didn't expect but I'm still not self hosted so am restricted with a lot of plug ins etc… I've been adding 'no follow' links myself manually for now!! I am considering a media pack/disclosure page but have NO clue on how much to charge for certain things!! Like not even a vague idea! At the moment I'm happy just writing while I learn… <3

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