A poem for every mum on her child’s birthday

A silhouette of a happy young mother, laughing as she plays with her toddler child and lifts him over her head outside, isolated against the sunset.

My little girl’s 2nd birthday is tomorrow I have been somewhat taken aback by the mixed feelings I’ve had about this. While I’ve been hugely excited in some respects, I can not shake some of the sadder feelings I’ve been holding in a knot in my stomach the last few days. It made me realise just how important birthdays are as a marking of time passing, a celebration of their development as an individual and a way of honouring their journey in this world, that I wrote this poem for all mothers on their children’s birthdays….

Before being a mum, what did birthdays mean?

A bottle of something sparkly, celebrating the queen bee?

But now your child is here

They mean so much more

They are about worshiping the day of birth

Of the little one you adore

As the one from inside you

Clings on to the final hours of being one, two or three

A knot forms within you

As you remember the day they came to be

The day your heart began to walk outside your very self

The day you began this journey, with your magical little elf

The moments they were birthed, play inside your head

The journey they have taken, the steps taken, the things said

You marvel at the little person, that they have become

But you can’t help feeling a little wistful

Over the days that are now done

This, and every birthday of theirs

Is about so much more about cake

It’s celebrating this wonder

That the two of you did make

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  1. Love your poem!!

    “The day your heart began to walk outside your very self

    The day you began this journey, with your magical little elf”

    Beautiful xx #sundaystars

  2. Ah, lovely poem Talya! Sums up that bittersweet feeling we get when we see how far they’ve come (and how far we’ve come too!). Loving your new header as well. Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  3. So sweet hope she had a lovely birthday every birthday does bring a mixture of emotions doesnt it and isn’t it amazing how little our birhtday now mean once you have children! thanks for linking up to #kidscorner x

  4. I just love this poem. Happy birthday to the wee one and happy giving birth day to you! My daughters’ birthday is particularly special because I feel like their shared birthday is one of the things that really brings home that they are twins, that they’ve been together since the womb. Thank you for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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