ADEXE watch review and #giveaway

ADEXE watch review

Let’s talk watches! I am a big fan of watches, but I don’t think that you have to pay over the odds for a gorgeous looking watch. I have recently got back into watches because quite frankly I got sick at looking at my phone for the time, and I’ve also come to realise that a gorgeous looking watch can go a long way to make you look and feel great (even when you don’t!).

So I wanted to introduce you to ADEXE watches who not only make some absolutely lust-worthy watches but also price them extremely reasonably too.

ADEXE watch review

I love the thinking behind the ADEXE watches – the good folk at ADEXE want them to be something that reflects the spirit of its wearer, and they pride themselves on making watches which are set apart from the mass-produced line of “more of the same” watches of the masses., melding  mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse.

Their single mission is to…

“Create finely crafted, uniquely appointed timepieces at affordable prices”.

That sounds very good to me indeed!

I also love the fact that they are a non-conformist brand, something that speaks to me greatly. They understand the need to be different – something that I’ve always felt too because I just hate to be a lemming!

For the purpose of this review I chose the the Meek – Petite Marshmallow White (£95). I have very small wrists and I love the daintiness and detail of the watch face and the way it sits on my wrist, as well as the fab contrast between white and rose gold which makes it looks so stylish! ADEXE watch review

100% produced and designed in house,  the glass is made from curved hardened crystal and the strap from hand-made genuine Italian leather. It’s waterproof (hurrah!) and has a 5 year battery life (good golly!).

The thinking behind this watch is to “instil serenity, simplicity, and security for all” – something very much needed in this mad modern day mum life.

ADEXE watch review

And I kinda do feel that way when I’m wearing it.

The Meek is a timeless vintage and understated timepiece and I have fallen in love with it instantly. It’s so wearable and is utterly gorgeous not to mention affordable too. It’s also the perfect watch to showcase some of the gorgeous designs which ADEXE are becoming known for.

And with that all said, I’m now excited to share the watch love with you because I’ve teamed up with with ADEXE in a giveaway to win any watch of theirs that your heart desires!

***Win an Adexe watch over on my giveaway page here***

*I was gifted an ADEXE watch for the purpose of this review – all opinions are my own.


  1. It is beautiful in every way, and seems so well made, with quality materials like the Italian leather strap.

  2. This watch is beautiful!! I love the colours and the simple design. I know what you mean about getting fed up with checking your phone all the time to see what time it is – I definitely need a watch in my life and this one is gorgeous xz

  3. This watch is gorgeous, I love the white and rose gold next to each other. I actually don’t like watches…. Or rather I have never found one I like enough to wear, they are either too big, too thick, to fussy on the face but this one has really caught my attention.

  4. I’ve seen a few Adexe watches around on Instagram and they all seem to have such beautiful faces. This one is no exception.

  5. That’s a beautiful watch you’ve chosen. Simple but very beautiful! I’m not really a watch girl. I have one my hubby bought me but I rarely wear it x

  6. This is so beautiful! I love the rose gold detail! I’m really into watches at the moment and I love the simplicity of this one. I may have to give a few subtle hints to the hubby! 😉 x

  7. i’ve needed a new watch for ages sine the strap broke on my last one. t/his one is gorgeous and I’d be over the moon to win it.

  8. I haven’t been wearing a watch for a while as it sadly got broken and I do feel a bit lost without one! I love the look of this one – it is very elegant and I would love to add it to my daily look!

  9. Such a beautiful watch. I’ve admired Adexe watches from afar for a while now. Love the colours to this one and the face is beautifully made

  10. I really like the shape and design of the Adexe watches, with their large, bold faces which are easy to see and read the time.

  11. love the simple but chic face of the watch , dislike watches with multiple dials of pictures to distract from its task to tell me the time , this watch gets it perfect

  12. I think it’s a really clear, attractive watch and I think white is a lovely colour to go with summer outfits.

  13. I love the style, the easy to read face, and also the colour. This beautiful watch would win lots of compliments for the wearer.

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