An A-Z of what it means to be a woman

what it means to be a woman

Unless you happen to live under a rock, you will know that today is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Be Bold For Change…and so it had me thinking with all the changes that have happened, and those that are still to come…what exactly does it mean to be a women this International Women’s Day. I called upon fellow fab bloggers to help me put together an epic A-Z of what it means to be a woman:


Yes life can be tough, challenging, tiring and many other things but above all else, it is amazing to be a woman at this point in time. Although at times it is hard to believe, and there is still a long way to go, but we have more flexibility, control over our lives, respect and opportunity than ever before and it is really important that we keep it that way too. – My Boys Club 


Because we are all beautiful in our own way and no one should tell us different.  – Amy and Tots


Challenging – in both work & family life! Parenthood is very challenging along with juggling everyones needs plus our own in & out of the home. I know my teen kids love to challenge me!! – Everyones’s Buck Stops Here 


We need a lot of it. In a world that claims to be current and equal we still find ourselves facing inequalities and the possibility of progression becoming regression. With determination we WILL achieve all that we WANT and CAN achieve.  – Mummy In A Tutu 


The very definition of empowerment is to make you stronger and more confident. ESPECIALLY when controlling your life and claiming your rights. Whilst we may not yet be equal in pay, equal in all rights, each and every day sees a movement towards this. Each generation of women push for more and more, I mean 100 years ago you couldn’t vote, then you could only vote if you were over 30 and married, and then 21. These days everyone can vote at 18. – Life with Baby Kicks 


As I’ve got older I realise the true meaning to friendship. To keep them close and cherish them. To nurture them in the good times and the bad times. To have that time with your friends is so important as a woman. – Dear Bear and Beany


We are expected to be incredibly tough yet gentle too. To fight our corner, to be equal to men, to work hard, to survive on little sleep & yet still nurture & care for others. To write contracts, give presentations, meet deadlines all whilst wiping noses, helping with homework & checking Aunty Margaret is ok. All things to all people. Achieving the impossible every day! – Pink Pear Bear 


Women have always worked hard but these days we are taking on more and more. In some ways it’s good because it’s accepted that women can work in any field we want to and we don’t need to stop to raise a family. But other times I feel like our days are longer and we have less time. – Five Little Stars 


These days women are finally realising that although they are incredibly busy, often trying to do everything, being who they want to be is far more important than being what society once thought they should. – Rainbows Are Too Beautiful 

An A-Z of what it means to be a woman this International Women's Day


Whether we work inside or outside the house we juggle all day. We have so many roles and ‘jobs’ – we are partners and mums, daughters, sisters and friends, we run homes, we work, we shop, and have at least a million things to think about at any given minute! And we keep going! – Mind Your Mamma 


There’s too much hatred around so we must do what we can to turn this around . – Pack the PJs 

L for LOVE

Women have the capacity to love and care for those around them with all their hearts. To show compassion and kindness in good and bad times. To love their children unequivocally, even when they’re beyond exhausted. To know sometimes that love is the best way in times of unrest and hatred. To stick up for their rights and beliefs but to do it in the right way. – Laura Summers 


Holding down jobs, raising children, blogging, cooking, cleaning, ferrying the kids about….we are amazing aren’t we? – Five Little Doves  

N for NO

No, no, no, no! Today, it’s ok for a woman to say no to doing things, whatever your reason. No, I don’t want to go for a drink after work (because secretly all you want to do is eat chocolate in your pjs at home!) No, I don’t fancy going for a run tonight (because secretly all you want to do is eat chocolate in your pjs at home!) No, I don’t want to go on a date with you (…because you don’t look like Tom Hardy). – Mama Wilkos 


Running a home, working, educating children, dog walking, meal planning, entertaining….The list is endless and everyday women do it. – Teddy Bears and Cardigans 


I have to have the calm negotiation skills of a United Nations peacemaker most days – it’s bloody exhausting! –  Life is Knutts  


Gone are the days when only a typing, teaching or nursing course were our career options. The world is our oyster now. – Living With A Jude 


I feel honoured that I could carry my daughter, feel her grow and allow her to make it safely into the world. I also feel really grateful to have a husband who supports in all my decisions in life instead of just wanting a second Mum! – Katy Kicker 


We are way stronger than people (men) give us credit for, mentally, emotionally and physically. Our bodies are amazing, we deal with a lot of emotional turmoil and almost always put on our brave faces and pull through it. Us women are strong! – Two Hearts One Roof 


As a woman I have many roles – carer, mother, wife, worker, friend……it’s never ending and very tiring. I sometimes feel like I could sleep for a year.  Add to that the emotional pressures and media influences……it’s exhausting! – North East Family Fun 


We have a strength/value that – despite all the memes, all the books, all the strides by feminists – is so undermined in so many parts of the world. The fact we have International Day of the Girl says it all for me… Absolutely Prabulous 


Only because that’s the only thing I think we should allow to distinguish us from males. We have very different genetic make-ups sure, but I hate the idea that just because I’m a female I should be able to cook, or clean, or be the primary caregiver. My gender shouldn’t entitle me to anything. I am a woman because I was born that way, but I am a person first and foremost. – Life With Boys 


Women have the power to determine their own lives these days and you see such a variety in terms of working hours, profession, parenting skills, travelling, living wherever you want. The options in every area of life are massive. – Living With a Jude 


Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is an important part of being a woman. So many people are ready to tear you down for the slightest thing, so it’s important to be proud of who you are, and never change yourself for the benefit of others! – The Speed Bump 


Now, more than ever before, women are finding their voices, finding their passions and throwing themselves behind them with everything they have. Parenting causes, political movements or simply showing their opinions without holding back. Modern women are the ultimate in championing what they believe in and challenging what they don’t in every way they can. And it’s amazing.  – The Mighty Duxburys 

What do you think it means to be a women this International Women’s Day? What you would add to this list? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. J and q here for sure always juggling the 6 of us and now back at uni before going back to work full time in September

  2. I love this post. So many inspiring comments about what it means to be a woman and why we rock. I notice that X is missing though – maybe X should be for X-traordinary – because of all the things we manage to juggle and achieve when we often have to try so much harder to achieve them than our male counterparts 🙂 #coolmumclub

  3. I really enjoyed this. It’s so true that we are really finding our voices now more than ever before, and I love it!! #coolmumclub

  4. I certainly agree with H! We take on so much and personally I think a lot of us take on too much. In order to be seen as equals we strive to achieve success in our careers whilst still continuing with all the jobs we would have traditionally done as a housewife and mother! #coolmumclub

  5. Some really great thoughts here. For me I would have to add united to the list. I have been reminded constantly this year so far of the value of my friends from all areas of my life and as women I think we all love to be united with those we value in our life and revel in how much stronger it makes us feel. #coolmumclub

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