Autumn wardrobe staples

Autumn wardrobe staples

Autumn is officially in full swing, and with the change in temperatures comes along a must needed change in our wardrobe. Even though it is colder outside we still want to be able to look and feel our best! Here I share some of my favourite autumn wardrobe staples you need to create fashionable autumn looks. Keep reading for six essential autumn wardrobe staples every mum needs in her life…

Six essential Autumn wardrobe staples

Woolly Hat

Nothing finishes an autumnal outfit quite like the perfect woolly hat. Whether you opt for one with a pom-pom on top, or just a simple coloured style, the woolly hat is a great autumn wardrobe staple. With an all-black outfit the woolly hat can become your statement piece! Opt for something colourful that will take your outfit from basic to exciting. Mustard is a great autumn tone, so opt for a woolly hat in this colour and you will be set for the season.

Fitted Jacket

Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean all structure has to go out of the window. When the weather is chilly we want to wrap up warm, but you can do this while still having some structure in your life. The perfect fitted jacket is essential for your autumn wardrobe, giving you the chance to wrap up warm while still showing off your figure and style. It can be easy to look overwhelmed in your clothing in autumn, but a structured jacket is an easy fix to have you looking stylish and sophisticated. You could even given one of your existing coats a new lease of life by taking it to somewhere like the Alterations Boutique to give it a more flattering fit.

Stylish Scarf

A scarf is one of the best autumn accessories out there. Not only do they give you an added layer of warmth, you can get them in almost any colour and pattern! They are fantastic for adding something extra to your outfit without having to go through too much effort. You can completely transform a basic outfit by throwing on a stylish scarf to finish off your look.

Heeled Boots

Looking for an easy way to create an outfit that works for almost any occasion? Opt for a pair of heeled boots. As the weather gets colder it can be difficult to force yourself out in a less than suitable amount of layers, which is why our accessories are so important. The perfect pair of heeled boots can be worn day or night, for a casual or dressed up look. They can also be worn with almost everything, which is why they are the perfect staple autumnal shoe.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are perfect almost all year, but they are especially useful during autumn and winter. Wearing skirts and dresses with tights doesn’t keep your legs nearly as warm as jeans do, which is why they are so essential for the colder months. You feel warm and look great at the same time, which is exactly what you need from your autumn wardrobe staples! Stock up on a variety of skinny jeans in different colours and you will be completely set for creating autumn fashion looks. 

A gorgeous watch

I am a big watch lover and couldn’t be without a watch whatever the season. Right now, we are loving the Radley watch collection over at Watches2U – the UK’s largest independent retailer of branded watches. And because we want to share the love this Autumn, we have one of our favourites from the range to giveaway below!

What are your autumn wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love scarfs in autumn. I have a beautiful one my late mom gave me and it’s perfect for autumn weather and styling

  2. I have a pair of grey, warm and stretchy straight trousers, that go with everything. I’ve also bought a grey gaiter/mask, which is warm round the neck and so convenient to pull up to become a mask … it actually looks pretty stylish!

  3. My stylish autumn essential would be thick tights and a wool skirt, which also look great with boots!

  4. My autumn staples are a good waterproof coat (to avoid soggy school runs), comfy boots and a blanket scarf

  5. A big fluffy scarf because it’s so cosy and I also use it as a blanket for snuggling on the sofa, and my knee high ankle boots, they keep me warm and stylish!

  6. I have a classic pair of warm, grey, stretchy trousers that go with everything. I’ve also recently bought a grey gaiter/face mask, which keeps my neck nice and warm when not pulled up for face protection. It’s actually quite stylish, as well as practical!

  7. I love the scarf in this photo – almost looks like bees! I find that a thick cardigan is great for autumn.

  8. I love Winter because I get to wear all my big, comfy jumpers with the staple black trousers. I’ve also got into hats recently – not necessarily woolly berets but colourful, chic little numbers to jazz up whatever I’m wearing. Comfort and fun are the key words!

  9. I love knit jumpers at oversize baggy jumpers at this time of year. I love being all wrapped up and cosy.

  10. I love being able to wear boots after being in sandals for months, and, also my suede jacket and scarves.

  11. I am really into hats or wearing head scarfs at the moment… that would look adorable with the outfit you listed!

  12. I have to have nice thick trousers and warm cardigans – all else is immaterial as long as I feel warm without having to put the heat on yet!!

  13. I dont have different wardrobes I wear the same clothes all year round which consist of jeans or leggings, tops, cardigans and flip flops

  14. I think personally a scarf ,The dullest of outfits can be given a great dash of colour with a scarf. You can get big throw around ones great for adding trendy colours & added warm on a cold Autumn day.

  15. I love autumn colours in my wardrobe like Burgundy, mustard and brown. I also like to pair jeans with brown boots.

  16. Skinny Jeans – they can be dressed up or down. I wear them often with warm cosy jumpers and boots and they’re so comfy

  17. My go to Autumn staple at the moment is tan slouch boots as I purchased a number of gorgeous autumn dresses so this at the moment has helped my summer dresses turn into Autumn ones xx thanks for the chance

  18. Love a sloppy jumper with thick pair of leggings boots, long scarf with matching hat and gloves

  19. You’re so right to include a gorgeous watch in your list. My staples include warm scarves and warm boots.

  20. I love the heeled boot. but I’m a bit particular it has to be a pointed toe heeled boot. I just think it instantly looks like you’ve made an effort when in fact you could just throw anything on and a heeled boot will look great.

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