Autumn Winter trends 2019 – here’s what you need to dig out of your wardrobe

Autumn Winter trends 2019

Summer has well and truly ended, and it’s that fabulous time of year when you greet sweaters and coats which have been stashed away like old friends. With September all about not buying new but instead making the most of what you’ve got or indeed shopping in charity shops, it’s time to have a dig around and see what items that fit with Autumn Winter trends 2019 might be lurking around somewhere in your wardrobe already. Today I wanted to share exactly what those are. So go forth and dig out….

All the animal prints

Viva la jungle! I love a bit of animal print and happily, leopard and snake prints are still a firm favourite when it comes to Autumn Winter trends 2019. Dig out any sweaters, dresses, skirts, coats and bags that feature anything that falls into the animal print category and rock them once again.

Checks, checks and checks!

The great thing about checks is that there are so many different forms of check out there you’re bound to have at least one knocking around in your wardrobe. I love looking at the Tissura for check inspiration – think Jacquard, Tweed and Tartan.

Autumn Winter trends 2019

Anything floral

Love a floral print? Well good news, because florals are also major news in Autumn Winter 2019 trends. Grab hold of those floral print dresses and layer them up with turtle/rollnecks underneath and keep yourself warm with a knit cardigan cinched over the waste with a good old belt.

Your boots

Knee highs, thigh highs, ankle boots – put your best foot forward with any of these. Because we all know that this season, it’s all about the boots! Extra points for anyone that happens to have a pair of slouchy boots knocking around because that’s where it’s really at this season.

Autumn Winter trends 2019

Pleated skirts aplenty

My personal favourite of which I own far too many – the pleated skirt! Thank goodness they are still in this season. Pair with your fave knits for extra cosy style factor.

Autumn Winter trends 2019

Never-ending knitwear

If there’s one thing that never goes out over Autumn Winter it’s knitwear. The thing I love about knitwear is that it’s so versatile. Team up knitwear with a cord or pleated skirt for a comfy and stylish look.

So go on….bring out the old favourites and rock them this Autumn Winter. The oldies are always the goodies, and it’s often surprising what gems you already have lurking around your cupboard once you know what to look for.

Do you have some of these items which are a nod to Autumn Winter trends 2019 in your wardrobe already? Which are you looking forward to digging out? Do share in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post why not read our tips on the secret to nailing school run style and 7 fashion essentials every mum should own.


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