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RABOT 1745

Well here we are, week three of the back to school routine, and I’m betting any amount of money that things are starting to catch up with you now. Because I know they’re certainly catching up with me! Now that we are back in the groove, this is the perfect time to think about back to school self care. Because if we’re going to make it to half term with our sanity in tact then we’re going to need to bump self care higher up our priority list mamas!

We all know how it goes – mums put everyone else first

We are notoriously bad at prioritizing self care aren’t we? But self care is just so important when you’re looking after small humans – especially back to school self care!

While we all might dream of escaping to an island retreat, we have to take what we can get as mums. And sometimes it’s about building in those small moments of relaxation and luxury which will help get us through the madness of mumlife.

Making relaxation a reality

Recently, my little bit of relaxation has come from my favourite beauty range of the moment – RABOT 1745. From the founders of Hotel Chocolat, RABOT 1745 is all about luxurious yet affordable skincare with cocoa rich products inspired by the wild beauty of Saint Lucia – home to the RABOT 1745 cocoa estate and rainforest spa…..swoon!

I have to say, I am head over heels in love with the range which consists of of body scrubs, body oils, hand creams, lip balms and body butters, as well and candles and reed diffusers for the home. With ingredients sourced from the island of St. Lucia, all the products are 100% vegetarian, 75% vegan and all cruelty-free.

And have I mentioned how fantastic they smell?

Let’s take a closer look

The RABOT 1745 Liquid Chocolate Body Mask – the perfect weekend treat to soothe away the hecticness of the week, has the most incredible chocolatey fragrance…it smells good enough to eat and leaves your skin unbelievabley soft and smooth.

Rabot 1745

Something for the weekend

And while we’re talking of weekends, they are the perfect time to spend a few extra (and hopefully peaceful) minutes in the shower. For that, I love using the RABOT 1745 Salt & Lemongrass Body Scrub. It smells phenomentally uplifting and leaves your skin feeling as good as new thanks to citrus-fresh lemongrass oil, nourishing sweet almond oil and replenishing cocoa seed butter.

Close your eyes and image you’re under a waterfall in a Saint Lucian cocoa plantation for a seventh heaven start to the day. Extra brownie points for the genius packaging – a reusable coffee cup no less!

A helping hand

As the days get colder, a part of our bodies which is definintely going to need a lot more back to school self care is our hands. I’ve written before about the appalling state my mum hands can get into over the Autumn/Winter months. Especially with all the germ-phobic hand washing. But this time, armed with my RABOT 1745 Avocado and Sour Orange Scrub that’s going to be a thing of the past.

I love this product because it’s the perfect bit of indulgence that takes no more than a minute to use. This means it can be enjoyed at the end of a long hard day cleaning up after little people, as a little treat to yourself. No excuses! Plus, your hands look ten years younger afterwards.

Loose lips

And that leads me nicely on to….lips! Remember those luscious lips of your past? Wouldn’t you like to be able to reclaim them? Well now you can, thanks to the RABOT 1745 Avocado & Lime Smile Reviver. A powerhouse of invigorating zesty lime and sugar which exfoliates dead skin cells and nourishes all in one fell swoop. Parched lips be gone!

Rabot 1745

Find your super power

Last but not least, every mama needs some super powers on her side, and when it comes to back to school self care, my new super power comes in the form of the Rabot 1745 Wonder Balm. Carry this one in your mum bag the whole time and you’ll have nature’s superpowers: cocoa butter, shea butter and Bois Bandé – the rainforest stimulant – in your corner every day. Use it on your lips, hands, and anything else that looks in need of a bit of attention during the week.

Final thoughts & where to buy

I really have fallen in love with RABOT 1745. It’s the perfect beauty range for an at home spa experience not to mention a spot of back to school self care and relaxation. I’m also really pleasantly surprised by the price point for the quality which is really affordable ranging from £7 – £16. They’ve just opened a shop in Westfield, White City, London so next time you’re there, why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury for surviving yet another week?

You can also buy the items mentioned above online:

Liquid Chocolate Body Mask

Salt and Lemongrass Body Scrub

Avocado and Sour Orange Hand Scrub

Avocado and Lime Smile Reviver

Wonder Balm


To help you get started with some back to school self care here’s a chance to win an indulgent RABOT 1745 cacao themed treat pack!

Rabot 1745

Enter on our giveaways page here

*I was sent the above items by RABOT 1745 to review and paid for my time writing this post


  1. I hadn’t heard of this range before. I don’t really like beauty products with a chocolately smell or anything sweet smelling (my husband loves things like cherry almond or coconut body washes), but I love anything with a citrus smell so I would lean more towards those.

  2. The products look lovely & luxurious. I would love to try the RABOT 1745 Avocado & Lime Smile Reviver as my lips are really dry.

  3. They look amazing and l bet after a cold, wet and winters day it would be lovely to come home and pamper with these. Love balms especially always super nourishing and leave skin feeling renewed

  4. This looks like a great range of products that are new to me – but would love the chance to try them out. The chocolate mask sounds delicious!!

  5. I just wanna try something like this so bad!
    I guess the back to school grind has left my self care routine lacklustre and my skin and lips are starting to feel the harsh, dry effects of ‘real life’.
    These products look so lush and environment conscious! I love hotel chocolat too! So, feel like anything produced by the same company is gonna be awesome.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Good luck everyone!

  6. Love the sound of this range, especially the Avocado & Lime Smile Reviver & the Avocado and Sour Orange Scrub, they would be a great addition to my bathroom

  7. I love the sound of the Salt & Lemongrass Body Scrub – I do love a good scrub 😀 I’ve heard of Rabot but didn’t realise they were under the Hotel Chocolat umbrella :o)

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