Beauty review + giveaway: Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir

Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir

In my never ending mission to roar back in the face of ageing, I’m always on the look out for great – and most importantly – natural skincare products that can give my face the va-va-voom it so desperately needs.

Every now and then I find that product – and recently that was the All Natural Face Elixir by Rose & Snail.

The Rose&Snail Professional Face Elixir is a product which uses snail mucin (um, that’s you know…the snail trail stuff to you and me) extracted from the Helix Aspersa snail grown freely at an organic-certified eco snail farm by the Black Sea.

Yes, I said snail mucin.

You see, the thing is about snail mucin is that it’s basically magic for the skin. It’s heralded as being able to fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation, deeply moisturize and firm skin, clear complexions and minimize pores and more.

I’m not a snail mucin newbie – in fact I have been using snail mucin based products for the best part of two years. But this product is different.

Why? Firstly because it’s all natural. It’s delivered with a number of other essential oils and ingredients – including premium quality rose essential oil – which are all ethically sourced, while supporting the local economies at their respective origins.

Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir

Because it’s concentrated with 90% snail extract this is one hard working elixir. Within days by skin already appears to have better elasticity (read: oooh lovely plump skin), seems better hydrated and basically…I look a lot less tired and even a little bit more youthful with this glow…yes really!…a veritable glow! emanating from my face.

Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir

And can we just talk about the smell of this lovely stuff? Rose heaven! I literally want to smell this stuff all day long it smells that good.

Skin rejeuvanted? Tick. Deeply moisturized? Tick. Natural beauty bringing back the youth of your face? Double tick!!!!

Oh and without any of the harmful chemicals found in all the usual suspects.  And I must add that the mucin extraction process does not harm the animals. So sleep well, be beautiful mamas.

Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir

And now for the most exciting part…


Win some of this incredible product worth £47 for yourself on my giveaways page here***

*I was sent the Rose & Snail All Natural Face Elixir for honest review. All opinions are my own. 



  1. This is the first time I have heard of snail mucin being used for a skincare product. I’m a little weirded out when I read about that, but my curiosity is not gonna stop bugging me (I guess) until I try one, so I’m gonna give it a try soon!

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