Being a work at home mum: 5 reasons it looks better every year

work at home mum

Government data reveals that the number of stay-at-home mums and women is rising after a drop in the figures. According to research done in 2014, the number of women working from home had risen from 23% in 1999 to 29% in 2012. A couple of factors are responsible for this rise.

It appears that the economy and other issues including immigration and poverty have helped increase the number of mothers willing to work from home. Another factor could be the increase of mums who have launched successful side hustles from their homes.

Women not only manage their businesses but also manage to keep an eye on their kids and families at the same time. Today, mums are doing a multitude of jobs from home, including blogging, birthday-party planning, and career coaching.

Many women are taking notice of these new opportunities and have chosen to stay at home and work – or simply create their businesses. However, why does this sound like an attractive offer? Below are five reasons why being a work-at-home mum is becoming more lucrative with each passing year.

Never Miss Milestones

Working away from home at a 9-to-5 job has its obvious perks, but it also means never being around your kid when some big life moments occur – cue the mum guilt! For instance, your baby’s first ahhhh, giggle, first steps and many others are milestones you’ll be likely missing out on while at the office. A work at home mum has a better chance of experiencing these moments with their babies.

More Time for You

Get your calculator and crunch in the number of hours you spend preparing for work every day as well as your daily round-trip commute. If you multiply the hours you get by five days of the week, you will see the number of hours you manage to save just by working at home in your pajamas! Multiply these numbers by months and even years, and they are likely to add to thousands.

Best Experiences in Both Worlds

Sometimes it feels like the grass is always greener on the other side as a mum. When working, you wish you had more time with your kids, but staying home 24/7 feels like a colossal mistake. By working at home, you get to spend time with your kids and still feel productive while earning some cash in the workweek.

A Flexible Schedule

One of the most significant factors why many women choose to stay at home is the usually messy logistics that come with having two working parents. In fact, juggling multiple kids while keeping to their schedules is another job in itself, especially when you have a household of two or more kids. When one parent stays at home, there’s a better chance of the parent making it to the kids’ football practice before dinner – without an angry boss continually calling thanks to the flexible nature of working from home.

Gain Career Momentum

Working at home might not allow you to work in your profession, but it helps keep your business skills fresh as you take a short break from regular work. In fact, starting a home business, getting it registered and listed in the Delaware entity search tool, for example, does your career right. If you choose to go back to your previous career, you can use the experience you gain as a basis to ask for higher pay!

This gravitation towards working from home makes perfect sense in the modern world. In fact, the Internet and time management tools like Clockspot have given mothers plenty of side hustles and careers that were not possible before!

Are you a work at mum home? Or perhaps you long to be a work at home mum? Do leave a comment and share.


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