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Welcome to the 9th edition of the #beingamother project. This week’s edition sees the lovely Laura from Life with Baby Kicks with her take on what motherhood means to her. Given that she was until recently being kicked from the outside by a toddler, and then also from the inside by a baby, there is no better placed blogger to share on this topic…

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My one fear in life before kids was that I wouldn’t be able to have kids.  My ultimate fear now is keeping them safe.

Being a mother is having your heart live outside your body with a mind and personality of its very own.

Being a mother means letting go of your anxieties.  You have to let them explore to learn and grow.  Even if it causes your heart to jump into your throat as your baby climbs to the top of the highest slide.

Being a mother means that you struggle through sleep deprivation of your own to cuddle a tired baby through the night and still get up with your toddler the next day.

Being a mother doesn’t mean you automatically have endless patience.  There will be times you are cross, shout and just want to crawl under the duvet and hide.

Bring a mother is dealing with endless judging from people who have no right to judge but feel they can now simply because you have a child.

Being a mother is being a teacher, nurturing and growing little minds. Helping, guiding, exploring.

Being a mother means not drinking a cup of hot tea or eating a plate of hot food.  And what food you do get you have to share.  Even your last rolo.

Being a mother is my everything but not my defining quality.

Being a mother is being me still but with my boys thrown into the mix.

Quite simply being a mother is love.

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  1. Being a mother changes with every age and stage of childhood. I now have teenagers and the mother I am (and my mothering life) is very different from when they are toddlers. It is a wonderful adventure to be growing as a person in this way….

  2. Lovely post Laura.

    I am still looking for my endless patience…. although these days I would accept any measure of patience, as I have lost it altogether!

    Thanks for linking up with #wineandboobs

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