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Welcome to the big three-o of the #beingamother project. No, we’re not having a big dirty thirty party in celebration but better yet, I’ll be handing over the motherhood party (or perhaps sometimes…not so!) to Trista from Domesticated Momster and her trademark sass, who is going to tell us a little story entitled “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of Motherhood”.


Now are you sitting comfortably? Good, then let us begin…

Once upon a time…there was a girl. She was a carefree and wild girl who thought there would never be someone to tame her crazy roots. And then she became a mother.

Now, if you are a mother then you know that it’s a tough job with absolutely no pay but the reward package is greater than that of any job one could possess. There’s long hours and no paid vacations and sometimes the “employees” do nothing but complain. Which sometimes drives us mommies crazy! But all the stress amazingly melts away with a glass of wine a smile on your child’s face. Here is my rendition of the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood for me.

The Good

This would be when all my kids are getting along. When they act more like best friends instead of siblings. The older ones are teaching the younger ones their wisdom. I love to see the closeness between my three toddlers in their imaginary worlds of play and the games they come up with all by just putting their three little heads together.

It would be the mornings when they first wake up and come into my room to crawl into bed and snuggle. When it’s a new day and anything negative from the previous day has vanished. This is of course very rare on school days because…well… those mornings can just be complete chaos sometimes. Probably more so, because mommy thinks there should be a school that starts at noon.

The good times are hearing them laugh, and whisper “I love you mommy”, and when my son tells me he wants to buy flowers for his kindergarten teacher for open house. A thought he came up with all on his own which reminds me that I am doing something right in the world of parenting. It’s watching them discover new things that seem so simple to an adult but are so fascinating to their new and broadening minds. Believing in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy. Being excited because they grew an inch from the mark on the wall. There is so much good in motherhood.

The Bad

This comes in the form of tantrums, sibling rivalry, and just plain “What alien abducted my good children? Could you please return them” moments.

It’s the whining over who has who’s toy especially when the toy has been buried in the toy box for over a week but the moment someone else discovers it, the other one wants it. This is right up there with with rocks and sticks found in the yard that one kid claims were their’s first. ROCKS AND STICKS PEOPLE!   Let me just state here that we have desert landscaping in the majority of our yard which means there are LOTS OF ROCKS!

It’s hearing “IS IT SNACK TIME YET” when they just ate 5 minutes ago or after slaving in the kitchen to cook, plating all their dishes, and then finally sitting down to eat my own dish…the minute my butt hits the chair…”MOMMY I WANT MORE”. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even bother eating dinner anymore…I just serve them!

The Ugly

These moments go to the witching hour. You know that lovely hour before bedtime. It is the ugliest part of my entire day. The kids are all cranky and tired and I am cranky and tired. They don’t want to go to bed and fight it every step of the way. I have tried everything from reading to them, watching a show with them, or trying to calm them down by doing a puzzle, writing the alphabet, or drawing. Nothing has worked. As soon as I say “OK TIME FOR BED” let the bitchiness brattiness begin.

By the time it’s all said and done I am in a bad mood and they are still fighting to go to sleep with the “I’M THIRSTY” or “I NEED TO GO PEE” and the classic “YOU FORGOT TO GIVE ME HUGS AND KISSES” (which I never forget to do). One sneaks out of her room and into one of the other’s rooms and then it’s “MOMMY! SHE”S IN MY ROOM!”

Maybe tonight I will just tie them to the bumper of the SUV and let them run out any last little bit of energy they have left. Hmmm….that might be frowned upon by my neighbors.

The truth is motherhood is a love/hate relationship. There is no “perfect parenting”. It’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice because sometimes it just tastes like crap. But the good still outweighs the bad and the ugly….and by golly…this mommy will take it.

The End

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I always love hearing about all the sides of motherhood. Too many times, people don’t share the real truth! It’s always refreshing when someone actually does!

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