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Dot Makes 4

Hello! And welcome to the 13th edition of the #beingamother project.  I am loving the beautiful diversity this series brings with it, which is truly a reflection of the profound similarities and differences we experience on this journey called motherhood!

This week sees the lovely Laura from Dot Makes 4 with her take on what motherhood means to her, who reminds us that all of those sacrifices, you know THOSE sacrifices, are all truly worth it, just to be a mother…


I’m sure every mum says it, but being a mother means the world to me.

I’ve been a mother since I was 20 (nearly 11 years now!) and it’s hard to imagine a time when I wasn’t one, but I really don’t mind.

Yes, being a mother means that I had/have to:

Forgo a proper night’s sleep

Change awful nappies

Be ready to feed at all hours

Clean up unknown stains and mess

Give up the right to go to the bathroom alone

Try to teach the messy art of eating by themselves

Be prepared to eat a cold meal

Sing nursery rhymes over and over again

Forfeit that hot cup of tea

Be on constant guard as they crawl about

Spend hours rocking them to sleep

But it also means that, I get to:

Watch and help them to explore the world around them

See them laugh

Wipe away their tears and comfort them

Have amazing cuddles any time of the day or night

See the world through their eyes

Indulge in their incredible imaginations

Sing and dance with them

Be a fool without being judged

Play games that adults no longer really play

And so, so much more.

I think that as a mum you get much more from your children than you put in.

They really are a gift and I feel eternally blessed to be a mum to 2 beautiful children.

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