#Beingamother project issue 23: What motherhood means to…Complicated Gorgeousness


Welcome to the 23rd edition of the #beingamother project featuring Alison from Complicated Gorgeousness. If ever there was an edition that summed up so perfectly all the things that being a mother and parenthood means, for me, it is this one. From the highest highs, to the lowest lows and everything in-between, Alison’s take on motherhood really encapsulates it all…
me and gabe

Is it that intoxicating spot on your baby’s neck?

The 2am chuckles as the world sleeps on?

Is it the milk drunk eye rolls and windy grins?

Or the skin to skin snuggles as time stands still?

Is it the midnight rocking, wailing and thrashing?

The pleas, begs, silent prayers for some hush?

Is it the 9pm dread when your body is shattered?

Or silly no sleep ‘poor-me’ stabs of sorrow?

Is it the first steps and birthdays? Santa reborn?

Coffee shops and cakes, shared jokes and the giggles?

Is it sunny fun days and those bare bum wriggles?

Or lung-filling park races amid the cool breeze?

Is it the long drudge days with no end in sight?

The sibling squabbles, bickering and bites?

Is it the sting of others’ social media frolics?

Or the seclusion, tedium and yearns for escape?

Is it the heart punching pride as they nail it with ease?

Those ‘yikes!’ moments when you can barely breathe?

Is it their chortles and shrieks, loud and unfettered?

Or flops on the couch after lingering long at the beach?

Is it another hospital appointment, bad news and tests?

Sitting eerily still as blue lights flash through the streets?

Is it smiling quite bravely whilst inside you’re numb?

Is it the thriving and flourishing despite the odds?

Those milestones forgotten and expectations revised?

Is it the simple pleasures and celebrating all things?

Or knowing that together you can take on the world?

What is motherhood?

This is all motherhood.

The highs and lows.

The laughs and the fights.

The pride and the guilt.

The faith and the fear.

This is all motherhood.

Right here.

Right now.
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