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In so many ways, the life of a mother is amazing, as it is frustrating, as it is beautiful; and with that notion in mind, I welcome you to the 25th issue of the #beingamother project. This week’s edition sees Emma Lawson, writer and aspiring blogger, share her take on all the elements and roles that make motherhood the unique journey we all know it to be – and so without further ado, let us honour the amazing life of a mother with this week’s #beingamother project: 

The Amazing Life of a Mother

Being a mother is the most important and the most difficult role you will ever have to ‘play’ in your life. Unlike real roles in movies and plays, this one is real, and you cannot turn around so easily. Movies make everything look so easy: baby comes, and you are all one big happy family in an instant. But in the real life, how do you deal with everything that’s bothering you, with fear, sadness, and anger? All of these emotions are real and very much present in motherhood, and if you deny them you can only make things worse.

New parent anxiety

When you come home with your little bundle, you will inevitably start panicking and feeling guilty over smallest things. Did you remember to feed your baby on time? Did you run to them the moment you heard them cry? You will probably stand over their crib for hours checking to see if they are breathing. Ease your anxiety, try to calm down and understand that others have been through these very things as well.

When it’s just too much

Changing diapers, feeding, and putting your baby to sleep may seem easy, but when you have to repeat it several times a day and probably not being able to sleep at all, you will inevitably get a bit nervous. Add to the equation all the advice you will be getting non-stop from other people whether you like it or not, and there you have it: a recipe for one nervous, fatigued mother. What can you do? Turn to the one closest to you and ask for help: your partner, brother, sister, and even your mother will be glad to help you adjust and get some sleep.

Sibling rivalry

When they grow up, your children can become the best of friends, but in early childhood sibling rivalry is common and can break your heart and eat your nerves. You should know when it simple bickering and when it represents signs of bullying and act adequately. Don’t always be the referee of their fights, it is difficult to determine who is right and who is wrong. Ease the stings of jealousy by complementing them when they do something good: math, sports, reading, and cooking. Make sure you tell them when they did something nice and show your pride; this way they will bicker way less and you will feel better.

Power of touch

When you’re feeling lonely and hurt, you might think there is nothing better to restore your mood than simple touch of someone else’s skin. Take time to cuddle: lying next to the ones you love most and feeling protected, like there is nothing and no one in the world that can possibly touch you will make you feel better. Cuddle with your child as well, wrap them tightly in a baby sleeping bag,and close your eyes. Sometimes, even five minutes make a big difference, and power naps can become your friends and allies in early motherhood.

We are born to go through life in company, be it our partner, our friends, or our family. Having other people close when we are feeling down is the way to ease the burden that can otherwise crush us with its weight. Being able to see your children growing up and becoming good people is the best reward a mother can get.

Emma is a writer whose works have been published on HighStyLife.com, Good Men Project, FrugalFul and Small Steps Parenting. Connect with Emma on Twitter.

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