#Beingamother project issue 28: What motherhood means to…Silly Mummy


Welcome to the 28th issue of the #beingamother project. This week sees Lucy from R is for Hoppit (otherwise known as Silly Mummy), take to the floor with what motherhood means to her. While we are used to Lucy’s usually more comical writings about some of the farcical nonsense that escapes from her toddler’s mouth, this is a departure from her usual writings which perfectly captures both the mundane and magic of parenthood…

In theory, this should have been an easy post to write. After all, being a mother is what I do. My job, my life, my every waking minute. And I love it. But, when I started trying to write, I realised that I don’t know how to describe what being a mother means to me when it means everything.

eing a mother is my greatest success. I have made many mistakes. I still do. So much of my life I still don’t have sorted out. It is not as I would want it to be, as I think it should be, and I feel I have failed in many ways. But my girls are a success. They are perfect. They are a meaning to life and a positive mark left on the world. They are the reason that, no matter how many mistakes I have made, or areas I have failed in, I will always have done something that was right.

Being a mother is more structure, routine and repetition than I have ever known before. It is doing the same things day in and day out, an endless cycle of never completed tasks and never enough time. But at the heart of all the mundanity of the routine stand the children. And they are wondrous and ever-changing. The jobs are never finished, but the children develop each and every day, and thus something has been achieved each and every day. Children are the definition of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

That is being a mother: the most ordinary thing in the world, but the most extraordinary thing in my life.

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