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This, the 3rd edition of the #beingamotherproject sees the lovely Helen from Just A Normal Mummy with her take on what motherhood means to her. The project is open to all written forms and so I’m really delighted that her take comes in the shape of a poem, centred on something that is very close to my heart when it comes to what motherhood is; being an imperfect mum.  

Wally Mummy

Sometimes it’s ok not to be ok,
To not be perfect after you’ve been up all night.
Sometimes you’ve just got to say F@*K. IT. ALL.
Because it’s alright to not be alright.

Sometimes you are gonna lose it,
And call your newborn baby a knob.
It doesn’t mean you’re not an awesome mummy,
It makes you a member of the ‘We’re-Not-F@*king-Perfect-Mums-Club’.

Just because your house isn’t spotless,
Doesn’t mean you don’t crave a raisin-free home.
But while your living room is a Fisher Price graveyard,
You’re bloody entitled to a bit of a moan.

Some days you’ll stay in pyjamas,
(And the next day) (and shit, the next day after that)
Some days you’ll just need a good weep on your own,
Because that bastard shop window made you look fat.

Not having your shit together every morning,
Or dropping the odd F-bomb and drinking wine.
Does not make you a totally crap mummy,
It makes you totally NORMAL and is f@*king FINE.

Somehow you’ll make it to tomorrow,
Just brush the Weetabix and that sticky stuff into your hair.
Stick on ITV-Be… get the biscuits, make some tea…
And just don’t f@*king care.

So sometimes it’s ok to see through it,
All the perfect-mummy-bollocks on your Facebook feed.
Because you know what, being not-so-bloody-perfect,
Makes you more than f@*king perfect to me.


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  1. Brilliant poem!the best thing I have read that describes what it’s like to be a parent. Feel like printing it off and sticking it on the fridge..that way I can read it whenever I am doubting myself as a mum. My living room is most definitely a ‘fisher price graveyard’! Xx #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Brilliant – definitely how we all feel at times! People only post the best parenting moments in Facebook don’t they? Really they are all wallowing in the fisher price graveyard! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. What a brilliant poem! I wish I’d thought of ‘Fisher Price graveyard’ too! I just love Helen’s in your face, telling it like it is with no shame and no apology – it’s bloody brilliant 🙂 Thanks for linking to #thetruthabout Xx

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