#Beingamother project issue 31: What motherhood means to…Diary of An Imperfect Mum

Welcome to the 31st issue of the #beingamother project. This week sees Catie from Dairy of An Imperfect Mum take the floor with her take on motherhood. What I love about Catie’s rendition is that how dramatically her life swung from one which she envisaged there to be no kids of her own – to a life where everything flipped, reversed and entirely centred on being a mother and all of parenthood’s joyful days, its dark days, and its purely nonsensical days. The sense of Catie having been blown away by the enormity of this seismic shift is so perfectly summarized, and so let me hand over to this mama to let her do precisely that…


Dear Friend,

I am a mother, mum, mama, mummy, mam whatever you want to call it!

I can not say that I always wanted to be a mum.

I just accepted that being a mum was what you did. I didn’t question it.

You grew up, met someone, got married and had a baby or babies. (And in my family the norm was one of each, boy girl.)

But in actual fact my Prince Charming didn’t arrive. All my friends partnered off but I stayed hidden on the bargain shelf.

I wasn’t swept off my feet until I was 31. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be the weird woman at the end of the road who lived alone with her animals.

I was crazy auntie Catie, who loved her nephew and niece to bits. I was career woman, working in a high flying consultancy job. I had great friends and partied hard. I was content happy with my life!

Then I met hubby. Everything changed really quickly. We knew we wanted to be with each other and we knew we wanted kids straight away. We wanted to be a family!

I became mum…

Being a mum is everything and nothing like I expected! 

I expected that I would:

Be knackered

Be sleep deprived

Have mountains of washing

Be a feeder of fussy eaters

Have less time for me

Worry less about my clothes, shoes etc

Juggle work and family

Get involved with their school

Help with homework

Lose some friends and gain others

Replace the gym with watching or driving my kids to football, swimming etc

Cry at the school play, Christmas concert, etc

Go out less

Never get a lie in again

Put their needs before mine

Love my kids!

I didn’t realise that I would:

Be so proud


Laugh so much that I wet my pants

Have a special needs child

Love swings so much

Enjoy bike rides

Swap football practice for Physio and speech therapy

Love the smell of my boys hair

Have to fight for my son to receive help

Really love cuddles

Enjoy doing absolutely nothing together

Be good at Mario Kart

Swap business meetings, for doctor appointments and therapy sessions

Know the names of every Skylander

Be so patient/get so frustrated

Hate housework with a passion

Be scared about the future

Feel lonely

But underlying everything that I write about, talk about, brag about, moan about, laugh and cry about is love

I knew I would love my kids what I wasn’t prepared for was the all-consuming, overwhelming, unconditional love that I would feel! The love that drives you on no matter how exhausted, frustrated, ill, angry, sad, scared, bored, lonely or damn right confused you are, to do the best by your kids.

No matter what. I will always love my boys and I hope they will always love their imperfect mum too!

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  1. Great post Catie! It sums up motherhood in a nutshell when you say you didn’t know you could be so patient/get so frustrated. Love your blog 🙂 And thanks Talya for bringing us this.

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