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Welcome to the 31st edition of the #beingamother project! You all know there’s nothing I love better than a much needed dose of comedy, and so bringing a little bit of that comedy flavour into this week’s edition is Claire from Tin Box Traveller.

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest prerequisites for survival in this parenthood lark is a good sense of humour, and so now I’m going to hand over to Claire to poke some good old fashioned fun at some of the ridiculous and downright farcical moments we are all subjected to as mothers which look a long way off from the pic below of her with her girls…

Becoming a mother Tin Box Traveller

Becoming a mother is the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Those smiles, cuddles and daily milestones all make my insides melt with pride and joy.

It’s also true that being a mummy has resulted in some pretty embarrassing and frustrating moments. At the time I may have wanted to sob, but on reflection some of these moments are pretty funny and I’m sure have been played out in many households.

Anyway, for your amusement and mine here are my top 10 comedy mummy moments (so far).

In at number…

10. The time when we had a midnight poo-nami: this was no normal poo explosion. It not only went all over the changing mat but on the carpet, up the door, the walls..

9. The time when we iced everything: what is it with kids and kitchen cupboards? We can’t put a child catch on our 80s-style rotating pantry cupboard door. In one minute of unsupervised time the Tin Box Tot managed to empty the entire contents and sprinkle it with icing sugar.

8. The time when we had a refusal to dress: this isn’t an isolated incident. It happens quite often – usually when we really need to get out the door for an appointment.

7. The time when we had a sick puddle: I never thought I’d find myself sitting in a puddle of my own boob juice but when the baby burps sick simultaneously down your back and front in the middle of the night…yeah, that

6. The time when we had a plug socket dance: it is possible to dry your hair standing on one foot while you use the other to stop a toddler pulling the plug out of the wall. Believe me.

5. The time when we had a car chase: when I was heavily pregnant with the baby the Tot thought it would be great fun to have a game of chase around the car rather than get in her seat. There were tears – hers and mine.

4. The time when we had a supermarket tantrum: I always thought these were dreamt up by marketing people to sell Vicks. Nope, they really happen.

3. The time we didn’t smell: this is another tantrum, but over a smelly nappy. The Tot was insistent that she hadn’t had a poo so threw herself on the landing and wailed for a good five minutes before she conceded that she did smell.

2. The time when we had an attention seeker: this comes in many forms but my personal favourite was when the Tot took off her nappy and demanded the potty in the middle of the sitting room floor when we had guests.

Fanfare please! My top comedy mummy moment…

1. The floater: you are told bath time is one of those moments that will really help you bond with your kids and it’s easy to believe. That is until one of them poos in the tub with you! Nice.

So, er, poo featured a lot! What’s your top comedy moment as a parent?

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  1. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune Claire, but there are some crackers here. I don’t know why I find it so funny to imagine a pregnant lady chasing a toddler around a car – it’s not funny at all – but I can’t help giggling!

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