#Beingamother project issue 38: What motherhood means to…. How He’s Raised


Welcome to the 38th issue of the #beingamother project. This week’s instalment sees Savannah who blogs over on How He’s Raised take the floor with a piece which so perfectly sums up the selflessness involved in being a mother –  from not peeing, to not sleeping, and way beyond but that, it comes to the universal conclusion that in the end, it’s worth it all…


“I have to pee.”

The feeling overwhelms me, as a struggle and strain to roll my swollen body out of bed. I quickly tiptoe across the floor and into the bathroom. “That’s better.” I sigh, as I head back to bed. Before I can take a step, water gushes from between my legs. 8 hours later, sweat pours from my brow as I struggle to push my son into the world. The pain is excruciating, I am exhausted, and my mind races – wondering if I can do this or not. My stomach tightens, and the pain surges through my body and, after one last push, a cry rings out. My heart explodes as he nuzzles onto my bare chest. The pain fades from my mind and I lay eyes on the most beautiful creature in the world.

This is motherhood.

I am exhausted.

My eyes scan the chapter one last time, mentally preparing myself for this semester’s final exam. I sip my coffee, my current sleep replacement, and go over all the information I shoved into my brain last night while also caring for a cranky and teething baby. I smile softly as I think about all the opportunities this college degree will bring to my family.

This is motherhood.

“Prepare to never sleep again” they said.

“You’ll never have alone time” they warned.

And it’s true. I don’t sleep, and it’s come to the point where I have to schedule my bathroom time. But, don’t let them forget to mention the joy, the laughter, the sleepy smiles and nighttime snuggles, the unwavering trust your baby has in you, and the unbelievable love.

Take it all. Embrace every ounce.

This is motherhood.

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